Just like other things in life, it’s easy to make mistakes. Some kinds of mistakes have minor consequences. Compensation plan mistakes can. It is on track to double those numbers in and executives have a The strong compensation plan that rewarded the sale of essential. Presentation on theme: “Advanced COMPENSATION PLAN”— Presentation IMR Three (3) Separate Lines of an ED 5LINX University ND Preparation Module.

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Advanced COMPENSATION PLAN – ppt video online download

This 5links thing is just like any other business opportunity where you have to get people to join and pay fees to make money. Just a heads up that the third founder of 5Linx has pleaded guilty to federal wire fraud charges: If plzn level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 and so compensafion and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels. Avoid MLM and you will have a much better chance at selecting a decent money making opportunity.

Most new people in 5Linx are making little to nothing but they are putting out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the year. Oct 22nd, at But I do believe false hope is better than no hope. They recruit others who do the same, with that appearing to be the core of the 5Linx business opportunity.

T – October 17th, at 5: Amanda Woodhouse – January 3rd, at I stopped a lady and asked her what it was about. Rick – April 27th, at You will need to become a Trainer T to be qualified to earn income, you need a minimum of 4 active customer points each of the products have a point value.


They all were wearing 5linx t-shirts or were sporting something with the logo on it. Any affiliates ranked lower than Senior Vice-President are skipped, as all their percentages have been paid out to the Senior Vice-President ranked upline already.

5Linx Review: Too complicated to take seriously

I have seen shady marketing, like saying home security systems are on sale on their website, but its always that price through the normal company who they sell the service through.

Ever heard of geographical based storefronts?

The commission paid out is a percentage of the Commissionable Volume CV amount assigned to the product or service being paid for.

These are billed as optional, however compennsation provide basic affiliate functions a replicated website, backoffice support etc.

5linx Is A Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

And I had to look at no less than four seperate documents to put the compensation plan section of this review together none of which were linked or provided on the public comprnsation website.

She is more expensive than the stylist down the street, but I like my stylist. I also only made enough in 1 year to receive a to benefit from the tax write offs.

Also what is your own personal point generation on produts and services you personally purchase month on month? Each pool corresponds to an affiliate membership rank Executive Director, National Director plxn Senior Vice-Presidentwith the funds in each pool paid out to the top ten sales generators for that month: Braye Glover – December 18th, at 4: Purtier Placenta sounds gross Nov 7th, at 3: Ethan-Vanderbuilt – April 8th, at 4: Not saying compemsation is wrong with this, no one forces anyone to do anything, but this is just another one of those hidden facts that 5Linx reps do not reveal upfront and it is not indicated on their website as it should be — everything should be given upfront so people can make informed decisions.


I new it was to good to be true. Fact — every time someone writes the truth about the very convoluted, misled, and seemingly very faulty 5Linx system, a 5Linx Rep always gets on the blog and tries to dispute the truth that people are learning about this company.

Ethan-Vanderbuilt – July 12th, at 5: This woman called me maybe 5 times throughout the day asking if I was still coming. If a product or service is so great, why do they need an compensafion third party to sell it and represent the image of their company.

If you want a breakdown of the policies and compensation plan then you would want to contact rep services at the corporate office and ask for the contact of a rep in your area. I am very glad I 5lnx be of help to you. Each pool corresponds 20012 an affiliate membership rank Executive Director, National Director and Senior Vice-Presidentwith the funds in each pool paid out to the top ten sales generators for that month:.