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These additions are datasheett follows: The BC is primarily intended for low noise input stages in tape recorders, high quality amplifiers and other audio frequency equipment. Final Data The transfer from tentative data to final data involves the addition of those numerical values and curves which were not available at tentative data stage and small adjustments to those values already quoted in tentative data.

AD Datasheet PDF – Tesla Elektronicke

Similar curves for alternative extrusions could also be plotted in section III using the heatsink manufacturer’s data relating Rth n-a and power, and length. Published curves are usually typical curves and are datashert only at the stated temperature. The collector lead must, in addition, be soldered to a copper area of at least 10mm x 10mm.

Temperature Tmin.

T CM maX – “’em. I cu max – -I EM max.

Datasheeets & Application Notes

A second subscript may be used to identify the circuit configuration. This is noted by an abrupt switching of the collector-emitter voltage to a low value at point D.

The BF is primarily intended for appli- cation in a forward gain controlled pre-amplifier in v. Hole spacing in either type oi grid allows the insertion of the “Lockfit” pins; but as the holes of the closely spaced t-grid are necessarily of smaller diameter than those of the other grid, the pins cannot be or should not be pushed in beyond the middle expansion – lock ‘A’. Omm 36 mmho 3. The equipment manufacturer should design so that initially no design- centre value for the intended service is exceeded with a bogey device in equipment operating at the stated normal supply voltage.


The circuit configuration is shown in Fig. OmWs, provided it is cut-off with V.

Burrs or thickening at the edges of the four holes must be removed and the transistor bolted down on a plane surface. The thermal capacity of the dwtasheet will be datasheft that the transient effect of the power will be averaged. OLD SYSTEM Some earlier semiconductor diodes and transistors have type numbers consisting of two or three letters followed by a group of one, two or three figures The first letter is always ‘O’, indicating a semiconductor device.

Todetermine thevalueof this higher temperature, calculate the power at the new working point and its dagasheet of the maximum permissible power at the same duty cycle and pulse width as read from the relevant constant power line. This is the name given to a transistor condition whereby the collector-emitter voltage abruptly switches from a high to a low voltage with increased current.

IMn first breakdown, or avalanche, the device goes through a negative resistance region until a critical current value is reached at which point the collector-emitter voltage abruptly switches to a very low value in second breakdown. Temperature Fig 3 The dattasheet may be ambient, case or mounting base temperatures.

Continue this light pressure until both the ‘B’ locks of the rear two leads are inside the holes. In this case the point P on Fig. Therefore, the system for using the SOAR and transient thermal impedance curves to be described deals with this type of waveform first, and then methods for other practical cases will be considered. This example describes how the SOAR curves are used to check the suitability of the BD power transistors in a television audio amplifier application.

Operation is allowed under all base-emitter conditions datasbeet, provided no limiting values are exceeded. Zenerimpedance The letter O is used with three terminal devices as a third subscript only to denote that the terminal not indicated in the subscript is open-circuited. In many applications, however, the reverse-bias breakdown characteristics are also of importance. Encapsulated in a TO plastic envelope with collector connected to the heatsink.


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Sequence of subscripts The first subscript denotes the terminal at which the current or terminal voltage is measured. The letter S is also used with three terminal devices as a third subscript to denote that the terminal not indicated in the subscript is shorted to the reference terminal.

Transistors may be dip soldered at a solder temperature of C for a maximum of 10 seconds up to a point 2mm from the seal. Adtasheet and Soldering Recommendations 1. Voltage, current, power and thermal ratings. On printed circuit Datasheey 2 4.

In curve with the appropriate pulse width and duty cycle, e. This ring should not be removed until dataasheet the device has been mounted in the circuit. The extension of the second-breakdown locus for pulse operation is dependent on the pulse duration t p and also, to a lesser extent, on the duty cycle d see Figs. It is in the forward-biased mode of operation that the phenomenon of second breakdown has been extensively studied over recent years, and a method of presenting the Safe Operating ARea abbreviated to SOAR is now being published in Mullard data for power transistors.

Three loci for critical current values are shown on the diagram; these represent d. The families of curves are datwsheet at duty cycles of single-shot 0T, and 10 d. Front View Scale 3: The BD with- its n-p-n complement BD is specially suitable for use in output stages of car radios.