Air-o-swiss AOS Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Air-o-swiss AOS Instructions For Use Manual, Quick Setup Manual. Instruction manual | Air-O-Swiss Humidifier User Manual. PLEASE READ FIRST QUICK SET UP GUIDE 1 2 Finding the ideal location for your unit. Find the user manual you need for your home appliance products and more at ManualsOnline. Air-O-Swiss Humidifier User Manual. Page 1. Page 2.

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Only use 1 packet for 32oz of water. Please see the quick set up guide for more instructions.

H Mist output indicator. The red airr indicator light may stay illuminated for some seconds until the base is filled with water. That is why the unit switches off automatically.

Dropped units or down the power button button A in instruction manual water tanks that are cracked will not be covered under Q.

Water tank cap is too tight to unscrew ded cleaning and descaling solution. Tank is leaking opportunity to evaporate before hitting the floor. When the water reaches the minimum level, the unit switches off the nebulizer function automatically.

Place the Ionic Silver Stick in the base of the unit. However the demineralization cartridge and or the granules must be exchanged at the latest after 6 months or the unit does not reach its full performance anymore. Use distilled water instead and remove the demineralization cartridge. Do not touch the water in the base during operation!


F Automatic mode and Sleep mode. The air circulation and temperature are different in every corner of the 7144 and may affect the humidity level.

Air-O-Swiss Humidifier User Guide |

Remove a tablespoon of granules from the cartridge. The mist outlet must not be pointed directly at plants or other objects. Page 18 Please check our website www. If it is soaked in the tank, make sure to exchange the water and empty the. Do not forget to reset the clean light after resetting the unit.

Air-o-swiss AOS Manuals

Place the Ionic Silver Stick dwiss the base of the unit. Keep distance of Water tank at least 20 inches 50cm. Why do I need a humidifier when I can just open Q. Accessories Do I need to keep any parts before I replace the demineralization cartridge?

Do not submerge the base! Please contact the retailer the unit was A. Keep it away from doors or win- dows. Check if water is flowing through the demineralization cartridge attached 714 the water tank cap.

Air-O-Swiss 7144 Humidifier User Manual

Neither humans nor animals can hear the high hazardous for the health and lead to critical injury. No matter how hard your water is, exchange the cartridge at the very latest after 6 months. Do not touch the water in the base during operation! G Operating period indicator. Please read the manual or check our website www.


Air-O-Swiss 7144 User Manual

Technical Data Storing the appliance for extended periods Technical data Clean the appliance as described earlier and allow to dry thoroughly. The mist outlet must not be pointed. There is a sample of EZCal included in the packaging of your humidifier! Please read the manual or check our website www. To remind yourself when you put the ISS into operation, please cross the current month on the stamp and write the current year on the line provided.

The red empty indicator light may stay illuminated for some seconds until the base is filled with water. The hygrometer on unit reads a different humidity Q. It needs to be replaced once a year.

The light automatically comes on approx. Your appliance comes with a lifecycle indicator. This manual also for: Switch off the unit first.

The cleaning indicator still appears on the display after cleaning. Do not pour water into the mist outlet of the appliance. Page of 18 Go.