Transliteration and Literal Translation of Pir Hasan Kabirdin’s Anant Akhado. Pir Hasan Kabirdin’s Anant Akhado has been transliterated and translated by. The granth ‘Anant Akhado’ consists of and was composed by Pir Hasan Kabirdin (r.a), the son of Pir Sadardin (r.a.). The great Pir Hasan Kabirdin was an . Anant Akhado and Anant Naa Nav Chhuga Resources on Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most.

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In this ginanic epic there are many verses in which Pir indicates that Dasond is the most important element of reaching the door of paradise and being one with your Lord.

Anant Akhado

May Mowla bestow Sunshine in your heart and bless you with the inner vision of the Truth. A separate utility has also been created for the translation.

This is a prime time for remembering the Creator. Each part contains verses to be recited for the particular day.

Anant Akhado MP3 files :: Shafiq Rawji

For recital purposes, the verses are divided into 40 parts. The allocated recital time is 6 minutes so these verses can be recited after the upstanding tasbi in the evening Jamat Khana services. This wnant is aiming to uncover these simple concepts and find its inner meanings and the insightful wisdom that lies underneath. The answers to these questions can be found in many verses of Anant Akhado Ginan.

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Online sound track streams of the ginan verses of Anant na Nav Chhuga sung by Shafiq Rawji are accessible through specific pages listed on the daily postings index page.

These five verses from number to are said to have five major windows that will take a momin towards the Lord. O momin, the third window begins just after midnight which is the time you should be busy remembering your Lord.

Juma’s transliteration has diacritical marks to ensure proper pronunciation of words. It is also known as mal-i wajibat. For research purposes, we have created a search utility for xnant transliteration.


Holy Ginans contain the tawil of the Holy Quran, and have great meaning and depth. He is both our Pir and Imam.

There are numerous verses on the concept of Dasond in the Anant Akhado, which deal with the meaning, origin, significance and benefits of submitting Dasond. Aashaji treeji sandhya pachhali ja n o, kha t ga d i parma n oji; E-bari sarga ni bhanie, Leve gur ne haath.

According ahant the Quran this command of setting up of regular prayers and charity was ordered to all prophets, for example, Abraham a. In this respect if we examine the history of religion, the history anamt mankind and the nature of religious practices; we will find that human beings are spiritual animals and even in prehistoric time, a primitive man was using many forms of rites, rituals and practices to communicate with the Divine Being.

A Spiritual Nazrana is in the form of a pure spiritual heart which is in a state akhad constant dhikr. Anant Naa Nav Chhuga in Gujrati.

Anant Akhado – Full Translation | – Heritage F.I.E.L.D.

Please click on these links to see the transliteration and the translation of verses to be recited for a particular day: Aashaji beeji ve r akhhado ehija jano, raat ga d i chha gai ja n oji.

For recital purposes, the 90 verses are divided into 9 parts. Pir Hasan Kabirdin’s Anant Akhado has been transliterated and translated by several authors.

The motivation for this day project for recitation of Anant Akhado and 9 days for reciting the Anant Naa Nav Chhuga projects is the following hadith of the Holy Prophet: Download the following PDFs for the 7-week, one day per week, selected dasond verses recitation project:.

It also means a religious tax or dues.

Thus, with breathing of Divine Aihado an eternal spiritual bond was created by the command of Allah between the Adam and Himself. Download PDF files for days 3. Thus, the origin of prayers lies in the relationship between Allah as the creator and the human being as creation and the slave of Allah. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.


Motivational Gems for Higher Spiritual Enlightenment. For recital purposes, the 80 verses are divided into 8 parts and augmented with 5 verses of Sandya vela. English transliteration Anant Naa Nav Chhugaa.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Without submitting Dasond akhdao cannot succeed in getting salvation, that is being fana-fi Allah to be annihilated in Allahor Baqa-bi Allah to be in the blissful state with Allah. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Akgado your comment here This is the most important window because it takes us to the level of Marifat-to be one with Allahwhich is the prime purpose of our life.

If for any given reason you are unable to come to Jamat Khana take your tasbih…. The anannt candle represents the Light of Imamat. Where is its origin? Hazar Imam has made it easy for us by saying that we should remember the name of Allah, Ali and other Imams at this anan.

At this time, every momin has an obligation and responsibility to worship Allah through a prescribed prayer. This website contains an interactive version which is presented a day recital format.

This ginanic epic has five hundred verses in the main Ginan with nine epilogues containing ten verses each ninety verses. Why is it enjoined upon human beings?

Therefore, Pir says that this window says nothing it also relates to Ibadat as during the Ibadat we go in the state akkhado nothingness in our mind; we empty all our worldly thoughts and worries, and concentrate on the word of Ism-i-Azam the Bol aohado, which brings us closer to Allah.

In this verse Pir also says that this window makes you aware of your Lord, so be alert of His presence. He bringeth them out of darkness into light. According to Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah, a momin should not spend the whole night sleeping.