Here McCaffrey introduces another generation in her saga of a family of powerful psionic Talents (The Rowan and Damia) raised to serve the Nine Star League. New York Times bestselling fantasy author Anne McCaffrey “interweaves an engrossing romance with a coming-of-age story”(Publishers Weekly) in this novel in. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Here McCaffrey introduces another generation in Damia’s Children (A Tower and Hive Novel Book 3) by [ McCaffrey, Anne. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading.. . Loading.

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Preview — Damia by Anne McCaffrey. Damia’s Children is a science fiction novel by American writer Anne McCaffreyforming part of the Talent series.

The Rowan develops far enough to establish that she and Raven have two children, but Damia deals with their third child, a daughter whose name takes the title of the book. Damoa pleasant re-read of an old favorite, this book is much as I remember it. Views Read Edit View history.

Damia’s Children – Wikipedia

She is so sure that she has found her soul mate, but Afra and her family are afraid for her. Book 3 review will be posted soon.

I read this when it was first published, years ago. I don’t think this book had a very good ending. Damia by Anne McCaffey is the sequel that nobody asked for starring characters that nobody found interesting. McCaffery isn’t going to tell us explicitly.

Not my favorite of the Pegasus, and Tower and the Hive series but still very enjoyable and comfortable. I felt like I was missing most things to fill in the gaps and was winging a fair bit to try and piece the mccaffreyy together. Boring as only McCaffrey can manage. And we learn that Afra who has been her parents’ colleague since forever, changed her diapers, etc. Having the audiobook narration has been excellent. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Damia just gets a bit of a stern word from Afra Return to Book Page.


But the two species’ common enemy, the expansionist Beetle aliens, are once again encroaching on inhabited territory, necessitating that despite their youth, Damia’s Children must become the last line of defense for both Human and ‘Dini.

Damia’s Children

I’ve never given 3 stars to a McCaffrey book. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

I haven’t been left dying to know what happens next. Mar 10, Tjschaps rated it it was ok. This isn’t the first time McCaffrey has explored a relationship between an older male and a young female.

They need daamia to heal their minds. I’ve just always loved Afra and the com Guilty-pleasure reading. The characters themselves feel rather dull to the touch, like dough where the yeast has died off. In the end, the two wind up defending humanity against an even more dangerous alien enemy than the Hive faced by the Rowan.

The Tower and the Hive 5 books. I understand what it’s about and I don’t find it xamia enough to continue. I realised that Primes mccafftey the ‘Mary Sue’ of Anne’s mind. She had two brothers: It was filled with curiosities and possibilities, and it was certainly entertaining. Most of her emotional explosiveness comes from her intense loneliness and until Jeff Raven arrives on the scene, Afra is her only means of control.

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The expanded use of minds, the difficulties in raising talented youngsters. Works by Anne McCaffrey. The first half of the book’s all Afra, the second half of the book’s largely Damia, the Rowan lurks around being moody and pregnant and fussy, Raven flits in and out like the high school quarterback, adored by all.

Being such a powerful Talent, life is not easy for her. Why is she so drained by the contact? Even so, the book is a marked improvement over The Rowan. Aug 22, Ed Avern rated it it was ok. Views Read Edit View history. By the time the three children of her marriage were comfortably in school most of the day, she had already achieved enough success with mccaffrsy stories to devote full time to writing. Eventually, the title character gets older and we get more of her viewpoint. She died in I’ve just always loved Afra and the completely romanticized and unrealistic love he has for Damia.

He commutes between Callisto Moon, where the Rowan his wife is the Prime, and earth. This book is told through the POV of the man who babysits, befriends and eventually has babies ahne Damia, the Rowan’s psychic daughter.