Auriculotherapy is a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the ear is a micro Nogier soon presented his discovery to the public, where members of the Chinese Army picked up the map and took it to the barefoot doctors of China . Write to Dr. Michel MARIGNAN A propos de la naissance de l’auriculothérapie, Docteur Paul Nogier, vers , (Vème Symposium International d’ auriculothérapie) en , en espagnol, “Auriculomedicina y psiquiatria”. Dr. Paul Nogier, recognised worldwide as the “father of Auriculotherapy,” was a medical research scientist. As physician, in particular he practiced acupuncture.

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It is not known when it began to use the ear therapy, the oldest source is the year BC on the Greek island of Kos and Hippocrates hand. Hippocrates after his training took him to Egypt, practice medicine of the time in Greece and there founded a medical school. In the same historical period in China Nei-king, the first book of Chinese medicine known appears.

In this book the foundation of acupuncture meridians describing auriculomediciba location of acupuncture auricilomedicina are described.

Interestingly only two acupoints near the ears are described, are the endpoints of the triple Meridian Meridian superheater and small intestine. Therefore one can not speak of a Chinese auriculoterapia at that time. The discoverer of ear and auricular was the French physician Paul Nigier in in the French city of Lyon.


Nogier was a doctor but also had training in acupuncture. From this observation and after much dedication and study came to the empirical conclusion that there is aurriculomedicina whole organism reflects representation in the ear, and the ear also represent the image of an inverted fetus, a very famous picture.

Nogier began researching this topic throughout history and found the following documented facts: But despite the successes especially in the treatment of dental pain, this technique gradually fell into oblivion among the medical apparently by the inability to explain the mechanism of action of therapy in the ears.


Thus in the patient came auriculomediciha the hands of Dr Nogier with cauterization ear for his back pain had been treated by a healer of great fame in this type of ailment. Nogier continued to investigate and discovered that the areas were points or areas if ears were pressed slightly hurt the patient and almost always this painful pressure point was connected properly with the affected area in the body.

Subsequently it became search of points and areas with electrical sensors, the most accurate detection and objectified.

Auriculotherapy – Welcome to the official website of Dr Raphaël Nogier

Nogier described the reflection map of the body in the ear with amazing reliability. This society was made up npgier nine Chinese doctors who found and investigations were added Nogier own Chinese acupuncture techniques.

Nogier and is recognized as father and discoverer of ear. The success of the Auriculoterapia being a simple technique to learn attracted much attention in Chinaso that was taught to delcazos doctors these were health with a simple training to serve the population in rural areas, within the movement the counter of the time in China.

Auriculotherapy helped China where drugs were scarce.

In Chinese ministry of public health sheets with the image of the ear with different points to treat various diseasesas a guide to the barefoot doctors. These sheets massively arrived in Europecreating the false idea that development was a Chinese auricular acupuncture derivative. You can not deny that acupuncture and Chinese physicians made contributions to the auriculoterapia intersantes but the originthe concept, theory and explains the neurophysiological substrate is clearly different from auricular acupuncture.

In the 60 Nogier makes his second critical discovery: This reaction was repeatable and verifiable by others Tomasen pulse … had discovered what Nogier called Answer Heart Auriculo RAC although later found that an alteration did not occur in the heartbeat and so. Auriculomedicina came the much more complex than Auriculoterapia discipline and offers vastly superior to the auriculoterapia possibilities.

In the last 30 years have seen a great evolution of the Auriculomedicina especially in Germany Dr.


Bahr hand disciple of Nogier and within the framework of the German Academy for Auriculomedicina. Current discoveries in photobiology thank Dr.

Popp German physicist, known for his theory of biophotons help to scientifically describe the mechanisms of action of ear and auricular and develop new avenues of development in the auricular by treatment with light and laser. The answer is clearly NO to the vast majority of cases … but why … because for: Therapies that are discussed in this website does not replace medical treatment or medical advice, if you are currently under medical treatment, you should not interrupt it.

History of ear and auricular It is not known when it began to use the ear therapy, the nogiet source is the year BC on the Greek island of Kos and Hippocrates hand. Xuriculomedicina his stay in Egypt I observe as Egyptian physicians auriculomdicina cuts in the veins of the ears for treatment of various diseases especially related to infertility auriculomedicinx both men and women.

For years Nogier try to communicate these findings to their medical colleagues in France with little success, but in he showed his ideas to Dr Niboyet, who was then in France was the great master of acupuncture recognition of his medical colleagues. Niboyet was impressed by the discoveries of Nogier and present their work to the community of French doctors who practice acupuncture. Nogier also presented his work in at the first congress of French acupuncturists.

Nogier conference was brought to Germany by Dr. Bachmann, npgier editor of the German magazine acupuncture. Nogier ideas also came to hand Russia Wrogralik Russian professor in and distributed among Russian acupuncturists of the time. NEWS Can you quit smoking and then from time to time without falling?