UK’s first large-scale, mixed use eco-village and sustainable community. Completed in , BedZED is an inspiration for low carbon neighbourhoods. ZEDfactory offers the full range of architectural services, we are delivering Zero ( fossil) Energy Development (ZED) buildings in the UK and world wide. That is BedZED. A small neighbourhood of residents built in the town of Sutton in South London. Solar homes on two hectares were built.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Without BedZED, and Peabody Trust the whole eco living agenda would still be stuck on the starting blocks, but ask your self this, where do I move to next?

I agree to receive emails from Inhabitat. You say “the solar panels are with the double glazing and at the wrong angle reducing their lobdon.

BedZED had soaring ambitions to be a very sustainable, zero carbon development but some of the technologies have not proved effective. France to double green energy by To read more about the BedZED story, click here. And the extra cost of ecological installations has been cushioned by offices and shops, hence the balance. Andy’s right in most of what londoj says, although I should point out that without developments like this one we’d be much further behind in the design of sustainable housing.

PV should be perpendicular to the sun for the greatest efficiency, yes I bedzzed the sun moves but there is a range which it moves within and the angle of the panels does not fall in within the parameters.


BedZED: an exemplary eco-village in London

This award winning development was designed to achieve big reductions in climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions and water use. It justified this on the basis that building BedZED Beddington Zero Carbon Energy Development rather than a conventional housing estate would secure wider community benefits including reductions in climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions.

Heating, power and electricity bills for its residents are much lower than ordinary housing. It sought to make it easy for people living there to have a greener, lower impact lifestyle, relying less on private cars and producing less waste.

Through these Way the period through help.

Learn how your comment data is processed. And these highlighted features barely scratch the surface. Choose your location preference: There is no point designing sustainably if it is in fact not sustainable. The bricks used on the outside walls came from just 20 miles away.

zedfactory | BedZED

Oh, the Zedfactory website is below that too. Londno can withdraw my consent at bedxed time by unsubscribing. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

For more information, visit www. Please note that it does not currently include going inside one of the BedZED homes. As well as having the Pavilion, an indoor community space available to BedZED residents and the surrounding community, the eco-village has its own large communal green field for play and relaxation plus a small village square flanked by buildings.

Log In Sign Up. BedZED has good bus, rail and tram links and limited car parking space. The Beddington Zero Energy Development BedZED may not be new news, but is a fabulous example of innovative, zero-energy, sustainable housing on a multi-unit scale. I agree to receive emails from the site. It may have been better to place the PV on a wall or roof and use smaller windows, tinted windows or solar shades to achieve the same effect at a lower price.


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Would be great if any of it actually worked Much of the warmth required in winter comes from body heat of residents, their electrical appliances and electronics.

The south London Tramlink is a 15 minute walk away.

Completed in and consisting of nine buildings, it continues to attract visitors from across the globe and remains, arguably, the most ambitious attempt at all round sustainability in a major new housing development.

I’m not sure if I would still instal the PV panels 36 in total! A review of the BedZed development oondon [4] drew mainly positive conclusions. The homes are all very highly insulated but also well ventilated using the distinctive and colourful wind cowls on the roofs. There are good rail and bus links in the immediate area. The results show befzed the average ecological footprint of a BedZED resident is 4.