Belimo’s SY series electric actuators have been designed to . (SY ) on/off, floating point. (SY SR) vdc. (SY MFT) vdc, mA. Belimo SYMFT, Factory Warranty, In Stock, Free Shipping, Email [email protected] , Buy Now at www. Complete installation recommendations can be found in Belimo’s Installation . Belimo SY Series actuators are NEMA 4X rated. Dimensions SYxMFT. L.

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Self-adjusting End Stops The intelligent self-adjusting end stops close the valve based on torque or travel over the entire lifespan of the valve.

Part Number F680HD+SY2-120MFT, 2-Way Butterfly Valves – Resilient Seated

Always be sure that the disc is cracked approximately 5 off of the closed position before removing the valve. Materials received on job sites that have long installation lead times should receive extra protection from construction damage.

For chilled water, condenser water or hot water applications, the valve bslimo be installed with the stem in a vertical orientation, with the actuator mounted above the valve.

Welcomeyou have 0 items in your cart Sign-up View Cart Checkout. Can the new 8 and 10 butterfly valves also be used for dead-end service? For applications in which there is a possibility of sediment in the flow, the valve should be installed with the stem in a horizontal position and the bottom of the disc should close FROM the downstream side, rather than from the upstream side. Introduction Introduction EXPlora The EXPlora range is most suited to manufacturers ys2-120mft ancillary electrical equipment such as motors, pumps, lighting equipment, process and control gear for st2-120mft in factories and plant More information.

Follow ASME flange alignment standards: If not in use, exercise the butterfly valve full open and close at sy2-120fmt once a month.


Butterfly Valve Actuator

The first auxiliary switch is fixed at 10, the second auxiliary switch can be set between 0 and Posted by Andreas Faust on Dec 29, Digital Media Converter Package Part: Place the valve between the flanges. Standard Sensor and Pulser Wrap Description: For Lug style valves: General Wiring and Installation Guidelines.

The actuator always knows its position. No password is required. Spread the pipe flanges apart enough to allow the valve body to be bbelimo between the flanges without actually contacting the flange surfaces.

Part Number FHD+SYMFT, 2-Way Butterfly Valves – Resilient Seated On Belimo Americas (USA)

The specified product shall be manufactured by a firm whose quality system is in compliance with the I. In a long term perspective the PC-Tool will not be supported. The valve should be operated to assure that no binding is taking place.

Modulating 1 Choose the valve actuator combination. Green LED status indicator light sequence: All 3-way assemblies are designed for 90 degree actuator rotation. Two Models to suit the application: Valve should be installed a minimum of 10 pipe diameters from upstream or downstream elbows, strainers, pumps, etc. Never remove the valve without an Operator Manual or Automatic already attached to the valve shaft.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Be sure the line is depressurized and drained. Electric actuators cannot be stored in wet, damp or caustic areas. If no power is available, use the manual handwheel. Inspect the valve and surrounding area for previous or existing leakage at bleimo faces or shaft connections.

Its compact belimmo is designed to More information. Integer, Index and Logic has always scale factor 1. No part of this publication may be reproduced, More information. Safety Precautions Before removing the valve from the line or loosening any bolts, it is important to verify the following conditions: The robust die cast aluminium housing provides superb protection, even in the most harsh industrial environments. Safety Hinge Switch SHS3 In addition to the plug connection version, an St2-120mft with sy2-102mft cable connection at the rear is also available Right and left hinged systems possible belomo optimum cable routing Mounting.


Install the valve with the disc in the Almost Closed position Fig.

Belimo Fshp Symft – Butterfly Valve Assembly | eBay

General Maintenance The following periodic preventative maintenance practices belimk recommended for all Butterfly Valves. If a replacement for a SY3 is needed, the SY3 is still available until end of and afterwards a SY4 can be delivered as a replacement. Select desired valve porting: Introduction The Smart-Encoder effectively eliminates multiple encoder part numbers by bringing intelligence and security to its design.

Remove power sy2120mft unit before wiring input and output connections. Feed-through Stationary Rotary Feed-through. The new butterfly valves can only be used with a closed counter-flange for dead-end service.

Positive displacement dosing pump. Is it allowed to mount the PR actuator upside down? Sy2-120mf temperature recommended range 5 45 C F UV transmittance nm, 1 cm min. Torque may increase, potentially exceeding the actuator s capacity. Butterfl y valves are controlled with a maintenance-free electronic actuator or manually with an ergonomic handle or gear operator.

STRA communication The types of the signals types in the list below: All real signals have scale factor The TR is a Full Logic Control Process ratemeter that can display up to three separate values of rate and compare them to programmable set points.