In Blood and Belonging, Ignatieff makes a thorough examination of why blood ties–inplaces as diverse as Yugoslavia, Kurdistan, Northern Ireland, Quebec. Ignatieff, well-known in British TV as the smooth host of cerebral talk shows and political documentaries, takes on what he calls the rising tide of. The author of the book travels on what he terms “the six journeys.” On these ” journeys” he encounters different cultures, as he travels to six different.

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Now, with the collapse of Communist regimes across Europe and the loosening pf the Cold War’d clamp on East-West relations, a surge of nationalism has swept the world stage. Any who wants to feel good about having voted conservative the last time. Return to Book Page. Modern Serbian nationalism dates back to an impeccably Byronic style of national uprising against the Turks.

This book ignited my academic interest in the question of nationalism, while at university. Tito was still lionized for having kept the country out of Stalin”s empire; there were the first signs of the economic boom of the s; soon to come was the liberalization of travel, which allowed millions of Yugoslavs to work abroad and for a time made Yugoslavia the freest of all the Eastern European Communist countries.

Ignatieff uses bslonging example of Quebec to illustrate the relationship between nationalism and federalism.

Added this to my favourites bookshelf Nations are bound together by multiple bonds. I played tennis, ate wild strawberries, rowed on the lake, and conceived a passion for an unapproachable Swedish girl of twelve.

Blood and Belonging: Journeys into the New Nationalism by Michael Ignatieff

Open Preview See a Problem? Though anr have passed into a post-imperial age, we are not in a post-nationalist age, and I cannot see how we will never do so.


Mar 17, Amhare Gilo added it. Ignatieff globe trots from one hot spot to another drawing superficial comparisons between each. Such rhetorical preliminaries, needless to say, were an essential precondition of the slaughter that followed.

In Ireland ethnicity, religion and politics are all bound into one expression or identity. Jan 01, Matt rated it really liked it.

Nothing seemed less likely at the time. Blood and Belonging is a profound and searching look at one of the most complex issues of our time.

Blood and Belonging: Journeys Into the New Nationalism

The six areas that he travels to are specifically chosen for the clarity which nationalism is expressed in society. Be the first to discover new talent! Does the nation make the state, or the state the nation? Dec 07, Jeffrey Manners rated it it was ok Shelves: This commentary is as pertinent now, in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis, as ever.

A nationalist minority on both sides went to work on their deeply intertwined common past, persuading all and sundry, including outsiders, that Serbs and Croats have been massacring each other since time immemorial.

Blood and Belonging: Journeys into the New Nationalism

His points in Ukraine are especially relevant, given how ethnic nationalism micahel torn that region apart since this was written. Karl May, the author of wild west adventure novels, does not spell his name Mai. Ljubljana and Zagreb, by contrast, were neat, iignatieff Austro-Hungarian towns that seemed to have nothing in common with the bony, bare hinterlands of central Yugoslavia.

We lived in Dedinje, a hillside suburb overlooking Belgrade, only several hundred meters from Tito”s residence. To bbelonging credit Ignatieff does poses some good and profound questions about nationalism. The traveling and experiences did not change that at all.


Parts of southern Serbia, central Bosnia, and western Hercegovina were so poor that it was not clear how ordinary people survived at all. I read this years ago but it has stayed with me and I still think about it. Knowing the author’s reputation good reputation and that the TV documentary based on this book had won awards, I approached this book with high expectations.

Djilas, Tito”s companion in arms, was still in Tito”s jail for denouncing his dictatorial tendencies. This book strengthened ignaieff resolve to continue voting for Stephen Harper. What makes a nation an actual nation can differ. Political ideologies can become blinding to its possessors. The misery of the Balkans stems in part from a pathetic longing to be good Europeans–that is, to import the West”s murderous ideological fashions.

Critique: Blood and Belonging, by Michael Ignatieff – SchoolWorkHelper

I didn’t want to read mountains of in-depth works, so this is a good flyby on the subject. Likewise, the nineteenth-century Croatian nationalist ideologue Ante Starevi derived the idea of an ethnically pure Croatian state indirectly from the Anr Romantics. He relates his thoughts about the nationalisms he encountered in his book Blood and Belonging.

Selected pages Title Page. Its population is bellngingHe called this effect the narcissism of minor difference.

The main reason for the clash is the difference of religion, not national identity. His explanation is that the liberal mind set forgets that not everyone hates violence. The Balkans, Quebec, reunified Germany, etc.