Rakesh Satyal is an American novelist, best known for his Lambda Literary Award-winning debut novel Blue Boy. Blue Boy won the Prose/Poetry Award. In Blue Boy, author Rakesh Satyal covers a few months in the life of Kiran Sharma, a twelve year old gay Indian American boy whose parents. Read Blue Boy by Rakesh Satyal by Rakesh Satyal by Rakesh Satyal for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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Of course, his fury stems from being an outcast—having to sit alone in the middle of a field while the other kids play. Not overseasoned with pretty words but still flavored with literary mastership thanks to Princetonand most of all, biting humor.

Lambda Award Winner Many gay coming of age stories, in fiction and in real life, share some common elements: Now I need to read this author’s other novel immediately! I really enjoyed this book. However the author interview makes me watyal if I missed the point since he mentioned “laugh” and “funny” which weren’t part of my reading experience. I really couldn’t stand this book, I gave up about 50 pages in.

Rakesh Satyal – Wikipedia

This doesn’t just pertain specifically to the LBGT community but to people who are being bullied in general. The tenacity of spirit he shows whenever he goes after what he wants inspires me perhaps to the point of pursuing my own ballet class with a little too much gusto after Boh finished the book.


He has feelings of superiority over his contemporaries and is privately just as judgmental of them as they are of him. A concise, story focused version of this book would have been much better to read. His command of language, wisdom about life, and subtle wit are clearly those of a much older narrator.

Shocked that my book club liked it overall. Satjal today try not to do that, but most of them fail because the characters always end up making the right choices in the end.

This can only end in badness! Steven Schelling Mar 06, Cincinnati in the early s isn’t exactly a hotbed of cultural diversity, and Kiran’s not-so-well-kept secrets don’t endear him to any group. The message that the author tries to get across is that parents with gay children are usually oblivious to their children’s desires, needs, and sexuality. Books by Rakesh Satyal. Jul 14, Spider boh Doof Warrior rated it really sathal it. His book readings are well-attended and very entertaining.

And while there are many funny passages, the shtick gets saatyal quickly. I guess that depends on the reader in question. Before I tear this novel apart, I will share one thing that I found ref The potential within this book was both amazing and heart-breaking.

Kiran is a snapshot character, colourful and diverting but viewed saytal only a few months of childhood. Paperbackpages. Kiran–the only child of immigrant Indian parents–struggles with acceptance and a sense of belonging at public school, in his Hindu temple, and at home.


Book review: Blue Boy by Rakesh Satyal

There is very little showing of action, too much telling, and a lot of 80’s references. Sneaking around his own house to do things that make him happy playing with dolls and putting on makeup. Nope, I don’t buy Kiran on any level.

Some of the major situations are very vividly described and that brings the scene to life but equally vivid and detailed are the descriptions of gardens and roads and houses which are unnecessary and slow down the pace of the book. I just wish the plot was a bit more interesting, and the descriptions a bit more concise. It gets slower as it progresses instead of picking up pace and makes the reader feel like skipping pages to actually see where, if anywhere, the story is going.

This book made me laugh more than anything I’ve read this year. Please enable javascript in your browser in order to get form work properly.