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Then, there is so much growth in the copper and iron ages. The importance of the Point Zero. Date 31 December They thought that the land would become fertile.

Brahmakumaris Daily Murli

There is no question of a bull etc. Gradually, everyone will come to know, numberwise. This is the drama. You children are going to btahma golden-aged world of flowers. For instance, when you make a toy fly, what happens? If you have performed a lot of devotion, you will take a lot of knowledge and explain knowledge to many others.

Baba, we met you in the previous cycle too and claimed the inheritance of heaven. brahmma

By remembering Baba, you will go to Baba. Even if it is the burden of your own sanskars or of the gathering, no burden will allow you to fly. Where there is love, people are always ready to surrender their time, wealth and co-operation. Here, Baba makes you into the masters of Paradise. This is now hell. Therefore, each one of you should consider yourself to be rup and basant. You are now making effort to go to the land of Krishna, heaven, in a practical way.


Latest Additions

How long are you in contact with Brahma Kumaris: They circle around two to four times, and then, if it is in their fortune, they stay. No matter how busy or unwell someone is, or how weak his intellect is, anyone can know the account of khmaris zero. Your garden is being established in an incognito way.

This is the lucky chariot.

BK Murli Today – 31 December 2018

An elevated method is required according to the time. Do you make others fly in this way?

brxhma They ruled for years and during the remainingall the sects and cults continued to grow. You sweetest children heard the song. Have you become so light, double light?

Daily Murlis – Brahma Kumaris

You mutli know how the temple to Shiv Baba will have to be built once again. You have spiritual love for the Father and so you also have to face difficulties; the whole world and members of your family all become your enemies.

If you are new to Brahma Kumaris or have arrived to this site via recommendation or by accident, we request you to visit www. The confluence age is the age of experiencing the stage of freedom from bondage, of having all relationships with the Father and of being liberated-in-life. I would mrli like to say many many thanks to siv baba …i want to murli seva in Bengali ….


Om shanti nice murli today https: With yoga, with a smile he would change the suffering of karma raily being like a crucifix to a thorn and destroy it, that is, he would finish the suffering of brayma.

Through these jewels of knowledge you become those with divine intellects. Become a fragrant flower and make others the same. Some think that it continues to increase naturally. Is there any problem for odia murli, because since long time it is not available. Write that the birthday of Shiva is also the birthday of the Gita. Whether you call it a thread, a chain or a string, it ties you in bondage. Click here to read — English Murli. Therefore, there would definitely be growth.

If any adverse situation of service, the gathering or matter makes your original or elevated stage shake then that is not a stage of being free from bondage. You are brahka elevated souls who always attain success by using this method.

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