Title, Les Filigranes: Watermark illustrations. Volume 4 of Les Filigranes: Dictionnaire Historique Des Marques Du Papier Dès Leur Apparition Vers Briquet, Les filigranes page 1/1. BR x Pixel, dpi = 69 x 82 mm. Briquet, Les Filigranes, Nr. Charles Moïse Briquet and Les Filigranes. OVE K. NORDSTRAND. Published Online: | DOI:

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Volume 13 Issue Janpp. Paper is filitranes intricate subject and very few scholars who have tackled its immensity have provided any sort of overview. Volume 49 Issue 4 Janpp. This course retraces Briquet’s footsteps, since, from his base in Geneva, he made major use of the Municipal and Departmental archives in Lyon.

Further practical sessions take place at the Departmental Archives and at the Municipal Archives in Lyon, in order to look at manuscripts used by Briquet and to find the marks he traced. Volume 18 Issue Janpp. URL for the web site: Volume 5 Issue 3 Filugranespp.

URLs for the web sites: Volume 60 Issue 4 Decpp. Volume 9 Issue Janpp. Volume 32 Issue Jahresband Janpp. Volume 21 Issue 4 Janpp. Classification Research in India Volume 4 Issue 2 Janpp. Chapter 4 Booking and Decoration.


Volume 65 Issue 4 Decpp. Note that it is also available as a downloadable pdf. Volume 61 Issue 4 Novpp.

The World of Watermarks | Incunabula – Dawn of Western Printing

Volume 19 Issue Janpp. The photo on the left-hand side shows the watermark found in one leaf of Petrus de Monte’s Repertorium utriusque juriswhich was printed in by Johannes Herbert of Seligenstadt in Briqket. In Briquet’s Les filigranesthis watermark is classified into the category of “monts mountains.

Volume 59 Issue 4 Dec Issue 3 Seppp. Volume 24 Issue 1 Janpp.

Volume 55 Issue 4 Decpp. User Account Log in Register Help.

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Volume 36 Issue Jahresband Janpp. Volume 53 Issue 4 Decpp. Volume 50 Issue 4 Decpp. Briqueta pioneer in watermark research, dedicated his life to gathering information on watermarks.

Volume 46 Issue 1 Janpp.

Volume 62 Issue 4 Decpp. Sardini and other researchers also investigated watermarks in incunabula. Volume 31 Issue Jahresband Janpp. Their efforts, however, did not lead to any extensive research. A respectful treatment of one another filogranes important to us. Nevertheless the reprints cannot be ignored. Volume 52 Issue 4 Decpp.


Volume 10 Issue filivranes Janpp. Les filigranespublished briqeut Geneva, Paris and Leipzig inis a monumental work comprising a collection of 16, watermarks found in paper produced in or earlier. Volume 17 Issue Janpp. Thus the International Association of Paper Historians has proposed standards for describing watermarks.

The World of Watermarks It was already known in the 18 th century that watermarks, inserted in paper, can be a useful tool to identify the place and year in which the paper was produced. Volume 63 Issue 4 Decpp.

Charles-Moïse Briquet – Wikipedia

Briquet’s book, however, does not cover every single watermark. Here it is necessary to pay attention. Volume 44 Issue 1 Janpp. See all formats and pricing.

A hundred years after Charles-Moïse Briquet. How to study paper and watermarks today

Volume 57 Issue 4 Decpp. Volume 67 Issue 4 Decpp. Volume 39 Issue 1 Janpp.