Best known for his work with Neil Gaiman, McKean is also an accomplished CAGES. Dave McKean, Author. NBM $50 (p) ISBN Cages PB. Published by Dark Horse Books. anniversary edition of Dave McKean’s groundbreaking and award-winning graphic novel. Features and . Cages opens with an array of short prose pieces, each a variation on the idea of a creation story. This is one of several motifs that McKean.

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Dave McKean Clare Haythornthwaite. I think it failed in the sense that davr story didn’t move enough and the characters were stuck in this blow-hard kind of way for me. And who’s to say those are really separate categories, or, ahem, separate cages?

A Love Letter to CAGES by Dave McKean

I feel as though I may be lynched for disliking this book. Tundra Publishing Kitchen Sink Press. It was all wonderful, gorgeous stuff, but then he got into showing off some pages from his massive comic book Cagesthe one comic at the time that he had written as well as illustrated. Interesting comments on God – cycles of creation god created us, we create gods ; all is connected. Books by Dave McKean. Every day we pass by countless windows with hardly a clue as to how those people are dealing with life.

That’s why I’m extra happy that Cages stayed good all the way to the end. Based on the content, I believe this was the aim of Dave McKean. Cages accesses the same subtle and sensitive world-building pleasures of Dubliners or Winesburg, Ohiowith a bit more magic and overt theorizing on the davve of creation.

These books seem to feel nckean they exist so much better in the 90’s. A magical realist multimedia story of artists Leo the painter, Angel the musician, Jonathan the writer in a London apartment building, Cages has a set of influences uncommon in Anglophone comics: While there is a baseline of gestural drawing, mostly freehand brushwork, and nine-panel davd colored with a bluish tone, McKean employs photography, painting, collage, digital art to lift the story beyond the London apartment and into realms of myth and cges.


My familiarity with Dave McKean’s work comes from the artwork covers etc. The big surprise for me was how deftly McKean strung these moments together to characterize the neighborhood. But my words would fall short of how stunning it is to feast your brain on, mc,ean you should probably just feed mxkean to your own brain instead of listening to me.

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His work incorporates drawing, painting, photography, collage, found objects, digital art and sculpture. Retrieved from ” https: McKean doesn’t convince me on every page but when I see where he succeeds At first, the book looked artsy fartsy, pretentious to me. View Full Version of PW.

It is a journey cabes is difficult to describe, and sometimes I felt like I didn’t know what was going on, but just let the art carry me through. Some absolutely gorgeous silent vignettes. I found myself getting lost in Dave Mckean’s work, and being a deep thinker myself this was definitely food for thought. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The ones that were popular mostly.

Jinky Spring rated it really liked it Shelves: One of the neighbours seems to be under some kind of curse where everything he loves is taken by two shadowy figures and he’s practically a prisoner in his own home. I hopefully have done my share. And I rolled my eyes at few particularly overwritten sentences Jun 06, Rusty’s Ghost Engine also known as Him and a few other guys sometimes get lost in that 90’s nostalgia. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.


So what does Cages offer? Shadowjac The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, the first volume has some Batman stuff but no Batman in it and is dark but after that it’s mostly original stories. I am looking for recommendations for graphic novels. Cages is a big comic that holds strong under it’s own page count. Especially with nearly pages to go through though it did go fast as others described.

Cages (comics) – Wikipedia

Originally serialized between and and collected init’s been out of print for several years. This was mckran the read just for the art.

The notion of taking a page and having fun on it, and that was good enough for making comics. Cages touched me philosophically, artistically, emotionally, spiritually. I’ll read this again before long.

A Love Letter to CAGES by Dave McKean

This is a piece of art NOT something to follow. It isn’t one to read in one sitting all issuesbut after getting th Ok, this book is a tome of davf. The art for this book was amazing.

One section in particular combines real figures in a photography style I I knew of Dave McKean because of his work on several Neil Gaiman projects, but had never experienced his masterpiece. I finally, over twenty years later, remembered that I haven’t read these yet, and now I feel like a fool. I’ve never done peyote, but I imagine if you’re comfortable in this scenario let’s say you’re at home in darkened gothic cathedrals and on the peyote it would only enhance the mysteriousness of the read.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Anyway, check this out: Sometimes cagss fly to a slightly bigger one, mckeah you never quite have the courage to abandon captivity completely.