The prismatic machining portion of CATIA V5 concentrates on a few different types. Those types will be highlighted here, although not all machine types will be. CATIA Version 5 Prismatic Machining. Upon completion of this course, you should have a full understanding of the following topics. -. Build stock material for a. Catia V5 Prismatic Machining Tutorial Pdf hey subscribers!! this video shows concept this piece with cam part of catia v5. enjoy twitter. video trailer how design .

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You can also meet me in the chat room tutoriap you have questions see Instructor Contact Information for office hours. Create documentation describing machine setup, tooling, and program operation for the machine operator. Please have a backup plan in case of technical failure such as Internet problems.

Catia NC code generation problems. Process completed NC programs and produce code specific to machine controllers. Lesson 5 in the workbook is due at the end of the semester. I am not able to help you with your choice of actual post processor, you have to give it a try and find out which one suits you best.

There are four assignments in the online documentation that will also be required in addition to the above assignments. When it is determined that a chat is necessary an appointment will be set up so that the problem may be resolved in a live communication chat. As a reminder, El Camino College has a policy on academic honesty.


In prismatic machining I was able to make machining process. Post at least two questions about this assignment in the discussion forum. I see that you have mentioned that you had managed to get a code with N codes Online Documentation Programming Assignments. Wait until the DOS prompt window disappears if it wants you to input the program number do so and you’ll get your G-code.

The ability to express your questions so that others can help you and the ability to express answers so that others will benefit from your input is a major part of success in online learning as well as success in your career. The time now is Please store all required files in one folder and compress folder into one. There are 4 part files that can be downloaded from the Assignment area of Blackboard.

Self Guided Programming Assignments. Originally Posted by kmukundank. In addition to completing required readings, weekly assignments, quizzes and homework i. Which feature in the catia can generate G-code. This is a prismattic of information to cover in one semester so we will not be able to get to every detail of the CATIA manufacturing package.


CATIA tutorials for beginners. | GrabCAD Questions

Everyone is required to program Part 1 complete. You will find links to some of the community discussion forums in the External Links area of Blackboard. I’ll assume that you have defined the Manufacturing Program correctly.

Also, please respond to at least two posts in the discussion area. The other 3 parts are extra credit for anyone who has completed all of the other required work. Thanks Onkar Similar Threads: And we will use the Virtual Classroom for live demonstrations.

Also, you will have to keep backup copies of all of your assignments. Once you have completed prismatc CATIA online tutorial assignments, you should be more comfortable about completing an NC part program on your own.

CATIA tutorials for beginners.

I am not sure which post processor file to use. Online chat will be used to handle problems that cannot be resolved in the discussion area. You can see the machining functions used and the cutters used.