With this latest revision, our main priority was to resolve unclear or incomplete areas of the CCXML specification. During this process several sections of the. The CCXML specification defines both a state machine and event handing syntax and a standardized set of call control elements. This tutorial implements the CCXML specification that was used for the CCXML is a new language, so new that the W3C specification has not.

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Values defined by the specification are: This call must be redirected. It is an error to provide both name and http-equiv attributes. The type of transfer is controlled in VoiceXML 2.

These events are application specific. The conference name corresponds to the conference identifier that will be returned in the variable specified in the conferenceid attribute.

Application variables that are properties of the application object specifiation not explicitly declared. A dialog may be terminated when it is in the prepared state or while it is being prepared such as might be the case if the caller hangs up at some arbitrary point. Implementations MAYas a platform-specific optimization, choose to deliver more than one inbound call to a single “master” session.

The following example tests that a conference. A Voice Dialog, when active, is associated with a specific Connection by which the Voice Dialog may interact with one-way or two-way media streams from other Connections or a Conference Object.


This will allow events to be rapidly processed. This property is a protocol-dependent property which allows further refinement of the state of a Connection, if desired. This variable must be defined using the var or the script element in the ccml scope. A string in CSS2 format that specifies the maximum amount of time to spend while attempting to connect the call. CCXML events that describe these operations are defined below:. For further details please cfxml section 3.

For example, if the access URI for the ” basichttp ” processor is set to ” http: The fully-qualified name of a variable is the name of the variable’s scope object prepended with a dot to the name of the variable. The implementation MUST allow reference to variables by their fully qualified names. This property must specificatiob set to the ECMAScript string value of the name of the element that produced the error ie acceptrejectetc.

Media streams between Connections, or between Connections and Conference objects, need to be speification by the CCXML interpreter and will take real system resources.

The Conference class currently has no defined properties. Checks may be nested.

This attribute must not be specified in conjunction specigication the source attribute. CCXML is far from complete. The ” basichttp ” processor is intended as a minimal interoperable mechanism for sending and receiving events between external components and CCXML 1.

The enctype attribute is optional.


Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version 1.0 Publication History

After the dialog interaction is complete, an asynchronous event is sent to the CCXML session which can use any results returned by the dialog environment to decide what should happen next. The session scope is opened by CCXML implementation before interpretation of a new session starts and exists until the session exits.

Other parameters provided in the HTTP request are treated as the event payload and made available in the created session. However, the execution of bridging operations and completion notification varies depending on how the bridging operation was performed:.

Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version Publication History – W3C

Part 5 in a 5-part series ‘. Other documents may supersede this document. As such, a session cannot bridge a Media Endpoint that it owns to a Media Endpoint that is owned by another session, nor can it establish a bridge between two Media Endpoints owned by another session. Note that when the xmlns attribute is used alone, it sets the default namespace for the element on which it appears and for any child elements. Several elements within this specification define a hints attribute. If the call is currently joined, it MUST be unjoined before the redirect is performed and a conference.