The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development. Front Cover. Chad Fowler. Pragmatic Bookshelf, – Computers. The Passionate Programmer. 7 reviews. by Chad Fowler. Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf. Release Date: May ISBN: View table of. ThePassionateProgrammer. Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development. Chad Fowler. The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Raleigh, North Carolina Dallas.

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Being surrounded by better players will make you better. Unfortunately too many of the tips fall into the categories of stories from the authors personal experience.

The Passionate Programmer [Book]

This book is solid GOLD! A more pleasant and personable person to work with. Or maybe Proframmer wish I could force any of my past non-tech managers or clients to read. Tip 5 is “Invest In Your Intelligence”. Some of us don’t plan to become managers, but want to be and stay passionate programmers.

If you’re really “passionate” about customer service QA or something, perhaps you need to get out more. The book does a fine job of tying together several areas of our profession, but for any particular subject hit there are probably a few books that would be more relevant than this one.


Do cnad it takes to be and stay valuable in your realm. Chqd can stay as engineers if we want to! One of the most cringeworthy chapters describes the author’s frustration with a former manager that sounds unprofessional at best and childish at worst. Very interesting read about working in the field and getting better at what you do.

In this book, you’ll learn how to become an entrepreneur, driving your career in the direction of your choosing.

Engineers are far from the only thing required for a successful team. Chad Fowler is an internationally known software developer, trainer, manager, speaker, and musician.

Most people are happy to help. Not much bad about this book!

The Passionate Programmer (2nd edition): Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development

This website uses cookies for account and order processing. Or, more important, it’s the time you spend working regardless of the advances.

There are about 50 such chapters with practical advice and bullet points for specific actions to take. Keep up with the technology news. In short, this will help you earn trust. The software developer’s life manual.

The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development

Let me start by saying I cringe whenever I hear people talk about what they’re “passionate” about in a career sense. Several examples and analogies are presen This was a great read. Chad Fowler is co-director of Ruby Central, Inc. The book also seems to promote an idea that I presently reject: There may be hope for hcad “unprofession” after all!


The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development

May 07, David Tan rated it it was amazing. Above all, you’ll see how you can set the direction of your career, leading to a fowlet fulfilling and remarkable professional life.

By using this site you understand and agree to our use of cookies, our Terms Of Useand Privacy Policy. I passiohate better insight than from reading bits in blogs and tweets. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Some of the tips were useful, while others were pure anecdotes from the author, not backed by much evidence.

Open Preview See a Problem?

But it is a great practical guide for a programmer and how one should think and act. Nov 18, Himanshu rated it it was amazing.

Self analysis is always a good thing though, and this book dishes it out in healthy servings.