THE word salvation is used in the Bible to indicate a work of God in behalf of man . In the present dispensation its use is limited to His work for individuals. This little work by my good friend, Mr. Chafer, is in the true “Apostolic Succession, ” for it depicts in clear and Scriptural language the Gospel of Divine salvation. Dr. Chafer’s comments on the subject, “The Terms of Salvation,” are taken from Volume 3 of his voluminous Systematic Theology, Chapter 20, pages

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In such idealism the darkened mind of the unsaved, no doubt, sees dimly some possible advantage in submitting their lives to the guidance of a Supreme Being—of whom they really know nothing. Originally published inthis book explores atonement, grace, propitiation, forgiveness, justification, imputation, regeneration, adoption, sanctification, redemption, and glorification. To reject the Saviour is not only to refuse the gracious love of God, but is to elect, so far as one can do, to remain under the full guilt of every sin as though no Saviour had been provided, or no sacrifice had been made.

In taking up these so-called “insecurity passages,” which number about twenty-five, it will be found that they have been given the character of doubt as to the keeping power of God only through misinterpretation.

Of the foregoing thirty-three positions into which a believer is brought by the sufficient power and sovereign grace of God, two should be considered at length; both because of their prominence on the Sacred Pages and because of their fundamental character.

Indwelt by the Spirit.

Notwithstanding all that has been divinely accomplished for the unsaved, they are not saved by it alone. The question confronting each individual, therefore, dalvation that of the basis upon which this new creation can be gained. Of this word in this same passage the late Dr.

The former is there found to indicate no more than the salvqtion possible act of turning about, while the latter refers to that display of the power of God which is manifested in the whole transformation of saving grace. This larger use of the word, therefore, combines in it many separate chaferr of God for the individual, such as Atonement, Grace, Propitiation, Forgiveness, Justification, Imputation, Regeneration, Adoption, Sanctification, Redemption and Glorification.

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The two following passages describe the estate from which and the estate into which the individual is saved: Help Video Tutorials 1. Because one is enrolled under a “Calvinistic” creed does not guarantee that he will himself chafeer free from the distractions of mere human reason: Good works are evidently made possible by salvation; but these good works, which follow salvation, do not add anything to the all-sufficient and perfect saving work of God.

SALVATION by Lewis Sperry Chafer

If man can dispose of the dark picture which describes the estate of the lost, he has, by that process, surrendered all claim to authority and all ground of assurance in those Scriptures which describe the estate of the saved. The One Condition of Salvation. God Himself has undertaken the needed mediation between His own righteous Person and the sinful world. This is of rewards to the believer for faithful service. This definition of this word as it is used in the New Testament is fundamental.

It is offered to all meritless, helpless sinners who are willing to believe that God has already been good in that He has provided, in Christ, not only what they need now, but all they need in time and for eternity.

As the Creator of all things, even these obstacles take their place in the divine decree which ordained all things that exist.

The death of Christ is explained in the Scriptures and the personal acceptance or rejection of that divine salcation is declared to be the point which determines the destiny of each individual. Then to know the liberty into which we have been brought that we chafet no longer vainly strive to make ourselves acceptable to God, but can believe that we are “made acceptable to God by Jesus Christ,” and on no lower plain than that of the infinite Person of our Lord!

It is rather that we act on the same principle of love.

Chapter One: The Word Salvation by Lewis Sperry Chafer

The sin nature must also be dealt with; yet that is not a legitimate subject of repentance. Anything which adequately represents the infinite love of God will hardly be compressed into the limitations of man’s wisdom. Proof that one is saved is not found in sinless perfection; but is found in the fact that there are new desires and powers in the new creation. David did not pray that his salvation might be restored after his great sin; but he did pray: That enmity is usually covered and latent, but as assuredly chafeg as the Word of God is true.


Parens — Jhn 1: There is abundant Biblical witness on this point, and it can hardly be deemed commendable to be in doubt on this vital question; yet to many it may seem to be presumptuous in the extreme for one to be assured of chafeg own salvation. It is most probable that eternity itself will prove to be but a ceaseless unfolding of that fathomless expression of boundless love. Peter, here, calls on the saints to make full proof, or to give real evidence of their election by the presence of certain virtues in their lives which he has just mentioned in the preceding verses.

If salvation depends in any degree on personal goodness, there could not be even a saved person in the world, and therefore no ground in it for assurance. He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: God cannot, under any conditions, call that perfect which is imperfect, and He is chafeer from unreasonable in demanding a perfect righteousness, impossible to man, while He stands ready to provide as a gift all that His holiness requires.

It must be accomplished for him, and God alone can do it. Following this is the injunction for a consistent life in view of the divine blessing.

Lewis Sperry Chafer :: Chapter Five: The One Condition of Salvation

Login to your account. It is the work of cgafer Spirit by which a member is baptized into the one body. God has clearly related the position to the conduct and in a positive order, and it is perilous to omit any aspect of the truth or to change the divine order of its application.

Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening O.