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For every company, the imperative is to make itself and its products stand out when differences are infinitesimal and needs count less than wants. Fierce competition among companies leads to innovations that, like fashion goods, only have a brief season on the market. Customer choice is dictated more by emotion — in particular mimetic desire — and by aesthetic appeal than by functional considerations.

Companies operate more and more as contractors, and work becomes project work: The project-oriented society is here.

Books by Guillermo De La Dehesa (Author of Quo Vadis Europa?)

Fantasies must be imagined, and means must be mobilized. These tasks require that managers rally support around these goals, largely by emotional appeal. Business schools teach project management but have little to say globallzacion the power of convocation, of calling together, of attraction and persuasion. So it all comes together: With rare exceptions, all this is absent from business-school curricula that are dictated by an irrational passion for the calculating rationality of consumers.


Mario Bilbao Lab

We need instead a less Apollonian and lz Dionysian view of human nature — less light and order, more dream and fantasy. As markets expand and become more efficient, transnational corporations become fewer and stronger, and states become more numerous and weaker.

Inequality increases, and the Blade Runner world appears closer.

The alternative is a global open society where those who bear the fruits of labor share equally in the fruits of their success. If we truly believe in competition, we should first level the playing field and equalize opportunities. In agrarian societies, this required the distribution of land.

But, as states get weaker, health and education are increasingly left to the private sector, which operates them as businesses. How is the field to be made level then?

Winners and Losers in Globalization

The ethos of business schools is that of the economically acquisitive individual — of social Darwinism, of the naturalization of socioeconomic inequality. Furthermore, triumphalism about the successes and benefits of markets and technology fails to address the crucial questions: Business schools must not prettify, or simply comlrender, global reality if they want comprendef students to prepare for leadership roles.

While there, he became a consultant to several European firms in the oil, electricity, telecommunications, and computer industries.

He has had a lifelong interest in domprender and its impact on society. He is also the author of some two hundred articles and papers on different aspects of the science of effective action.


To what extent is knowledge acquisition and construction the result l an interrogative process? More generally, what interesting things do we know about questions — including those which are destined to remain without an answer — and about questioning? What kinds of diasporas are there and in what sense are they key components of late-modern society?

What can we learn from their study about such things as the future glonalizacion politics, the modes and limits of assimilation and integration, and transnational networks and their significance for politics and economics? Churchill predicted in that the empires of the future would be empires of the mind, whether creative or captive.

Comprender La Globalizacion (Spanish, Paperback)

This means that we now live dehess a new space, free of territorial constraints and limitations where aggrandizement is being sought by different means. Brumat says the following questions keep him up at night. Design Recommender The 7 best tools for making your most productive year yet Co. Design What Apple needs to fix in and beyond Co. Design The 15 coolest interfaces of the year.