Marshall Rosenberg () s-a născut într-o suburbie a orasului Detroit, Dr. Rosenberg a susținut conferințe și seminarii de Comunicare Nonviolentă. Buy COMUNICAREA NONVIOLENTA by MARSHALL B ROSENBERG (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. Comunicarea nonviolenta – Marshall erg. 2 likes. Book.

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According to a biography of Rosenberg on the Center for Nonviolent Communication CNVC website, Nonviolent Communication training evolved from his search for a way to rapidly disseminate peacemaking skills. A Language of Compassion 8th Printing ed.

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A Language of Compassion in the context of geopolitical rhetoric, states that “the relative strength of the individual is vastly overestimated while the key issue of structural violence is almost completely ignored.

The ultimate aim is to develop societal relationships based on a restorative” partnership ” paradigm and mutual respectrather than a retributivefear-based, ” domination ” paradigm.

How to achieve constructive conflict”. Psychologists for Social Responsibility 30th Anniversary Conference.

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State University of New York Press. Bitschnau further suggests that the use of NVC is unlikely to allow everyone to express their feelings and have their needs met in real life as this would require inordinate time, patience and discipline.

As offifteen master’s theses and doctoral dissertations are known to have tested the model on sample sizes of or smaller and generally have found the model to be effective. Center for Nonviolent Communication.


Virtually all conflict resolution programs have an academic setting as their foundation and therefore have empirical studies by graduate students assessing their efficacy.

The training was found to increase equanimity, cokunicarea anger, and lead to abilities to take responsibility for one’s feelings, express empathy, and to make requests without imposing demands.

She suggests the primary limitation of her review is that a number of relevant studies exist that could not be included due to lack of availability.

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Connor and Wentworth [38] examined the impact of 6-months of NVC training and coaching on 23 executives in a Fortune corporation. Retrieved 21 September Eat by Choice, Not by Habit: NVC has reportedly been an element of a bundle of interventions that produced dramatic changes in forensic psychiatric nursing settings in which a high level of violence is the norm. I think it is important that people see that spirituality is at the base of Nonviolent Communication, and that they learn the mechanics of the process with that in mind.

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Even though we don’t mention nonviolentta, people get seduced by the practice. The Way of Christ through Nonviolent Communication. A Journal of Reformed Thought. Rather, conflict arises when strategies for meeting needs clash. Retrieved Sep 22, Retrieved 16 May So eventually they come to the spirituality of the process.

Marshall-Rosenberg – Comunicarea

Some trainings in Nonviolent Communication are offered by trainers sponsored by organizations considered as allied with, but having no formal relationship with, the Center for Nonviolent Communication founded by Marshall Rosenberg. Also according to Little’s thesis, Rosenberg’s work with Carl Rogers on research to investigate the necessary and sufficient conditions of a therapeutic relationship was central to the development of NVC.


Suzanne Jones sees a substantive difference between active listening as originated by Gordon and empathic listening as recommended by Rosenberg, insofar as active listening involves a specific step of reflecting what a speaker said to let them know you are listening, whereas empathic listening involves an ongoing process of listening with both heart and mind and being fully present to the other’s experience, with an aim of comprehending and empathizing with the needs of the other, the meaning of the experience for that person.

Carme Juncadella produced a systematic review of research as of related to the impact of NVC on the development of empathy. Toward an Integrated Model: The model had evolved to its present form observations, feelings, needs and requests by Retrieved Nov 8, Parenting the Nonviolent Communication Way.

Nonviolent Communication holds that most conflicts between individuals or groups arise from miscommunication about their human needsdue to coercive or manipulative language that aims to induce fearguiltshameetc. Another shift in emphasis, sincetosenberg been the reference to the model as a process.

What We Say Matters: Since that time, the number of publications reporting research on NVC has more than doubled.