Buy The Convenient Marriage New Ed by Georgette Heyer (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. The Convenient Marriage (Regency Romances) [Georgette Heyer] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A writer of great wit and style. Sometimes, only Georgette Heyer will do, and if it’s one of those times, a huge favourite is The Convenient Marriage. Bookfoxes Kirsty and.

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The wedding takes place and, as tacitly agreed upon, the Earl continues his association with his mistress, Lady Caroline Massey. The hero, Rule, is also unlikeable. Her regency novels set the standard for regency romances and people believe her version of history even before actual events or practices.

There could have been so much more between Lord Rule and Horatia! Still have some discoveries to make, so the recommendations are very welcome.

The Convenient Marriage, by Georgette Heyer | Vulpes Libris

This conenient an abridged version, and naturally it is possible that what is left out includes some favourite passages and set-pieces for many readers, for Heyer does not waste a word on anything that is not designed for entertainment.

The Macaronis, mincing, simpering, sniffing at crystal scent-bottles, formed a startling contrast to the Bucks, the young sparks who, in defiance of their affected contemporaries, had flown to another extreme of fashion. Views Read Edit View history.

A delight you want to prolong and are sad to be parted from after the last incredibly romantic moments are over. His deceptive mildness was charming to read about, I often found myself smothering a smile at his very cleverly constructed remarks, or the way people constantly convejient his cunning and intelligence.

He has lots of money but they have an old family line.


He, equally, is allowed to be a louche, lazy, clever, rather alpha upper class man and convenieny kind of great. Georgette Heyer at her form deluxe here, highlighting a woman who “goes after” rather than “waits”.

The Convenient Marriage: Georgette Heyer – The Idle Woman

While Lethbridge had up georgehte that point proved he was altogether detestable, I had stopped just short of complete and utter hatred. I confess I have hardly ever enjoyed reading about a villain more than I enjoyed reading about Lethbridge.

She is off on a series of unfortunate events and social follies. The male lead, Lord Rule, is pretty cool. He was planning to rape Rule’s wife!

Beautifully written, charming and witty, with great minor characters. She is very annoying and unbelievably stupid, and I really don’t care for stupid heroines!

Meanwhile, Horatia meets and befriends Lord Lethbridge, who seeks revenge on the Earl for georgettw role in thwarting Lethbridge’s attempts to elope with Lady Louisa Rule’s sister several years earlier. You find yourself thinking things like ‘oh no, how is Aubrey going to handle this’, or ‘no doubt Clay will stuff this up, he’s bound to say exactly the wrong thing’.

Now read, or listen, on …. Instead, immediately after the marriage Horatia becomes this whole different character that seemed to have maneuvered everything so she can live the high life. I cannot seem to find the time to listen to books as well as I can find the time to actually sit and read them.

It has all the requisite winning elements: It will spoil the most enjoyable aspect of this novel — surprise! But marrage is bad blood between Horry’s husband and her new acquaitnance, and as complications and deceptions mount, the marroage tangle grows ever trickier to unpick.

To georgstte other readers questions about The Convenient Marriageplease sign up. Lizzie has quite made up her mind to sacrifice her happiness for the good of her family — for her father is dead and her brother Pelham is busy losing money at card-tables all over Europe.


The Convenient Marriage, by Georgette Heyer

He is a man of few but potent words, and instead of giving him an exaggeratedly elite accent, Richard Armitage makes us feel that we have here a powerful warrior under the skin, the 18th century descendent of Gisborne the medieval hell-raiser, or Uhtred the Saxon warlord, with the flimsiest veneer of eighteenth century blue silk and gold lace or, heaven help us, puce velvet. As her new husband’s attentions fall elsewhere, Horry begins to feel increasingly unhappy. Let me assure you once more that I am very much alive.

Paperbackpages. For me, a new audio recording combining fanciful storyteller Georgette Heyer and the sultry and seductive voice of Richard Armitage is like la petite mort. May 1, by Vic. Check you library first. Unbeknownst to him, she already has, but he doesn’t know that and Horry, unusual looking stammerer that she is, cannot bear to tell him for fear she won’t come up to convnient standards.

Of the two, I think I prefer this one, but still: The first thing that struck me was how very funny it was. Or rather, she starts off very promising indeed and then proceeds to be rather hysterical for the next couple hundred pages.

The scenes with her are marriaye painful you want to take a shotgun to the earl but other than that, it’s great fun, and the Georgian era is beautifully evoked.