CY7CAXI Cypress Semiconductor bit Microcontrollers – MCU MULTIPORT HOST IND datasheet, inventory, & pricing. CY7CAXA Cypress Semiconductor bit Microcontrollers – MCU MULTIPORT HOST/SLAVE datasheet, inventory, & pricing. CY7C Ez-hosttm Programmable Embedded Usb Host/peripheral Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CY7C

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All counters and timers are paused but will retain their values; enabled PWM outputs freeze in their current states.

CY7C Datasheet(PDF) – Cypress Semiconductor

External Memory Related Resource Considerations: The UART interface supports data rates from to Address 1: Address Reserved Address Mode Select Definition Mode Select [2: If an overflow condition occurs, Result [ Cypress Semiconductor does not authorize its products for use as critical components in life-support systems where a malfunction or failure may reasonably be expected to result in significant injury to the user. Timer Registers There are three registers dedicated to timer operations.

In master mode this bit is sticky and remains set until the read transfer begins.


Host n PID Register HSS is routed to XD[ Alternate Status Register Write: Forcing the LSB to zero. OTG D— dataline pull-down resistor enabled 0: Cy7capc cypress semiconductor corp, cy7capc datasheet. Enables CRC operation 0: Indicates a byte mode receive interrupt has not triggered Transmit Interrupt Flag Bit 1 The Transmit Interrupt Flag is a read-only bit that indicates a datasyeet mode transmit interrupt has triggered.

Period Select Bits [4: The Address field contains the USB address of the device assigned by the host. The Watchdog timer can also dataseet the processor.

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Host Count specified in the Host n Count register. Preamble Enable Bit 7 The Preamble Enable bit enables or disables the transmission of a preamble packet before all low speed packets. Enable Preamble packet 0: Enable HSS interrupt 0: For non-isochronous transfers, the transaction was not ACKed.

Host n Status Register Overflow condition occurred 0: Enable PWM 0 0: CRC value is not all zeros 0: OTG Interface Pins 4. The Data field contains data received transmitted on the SPI port. If this start value is equal to the Stop Count Datssheet then the output stays at false.


The internal RAM can be used for program code or data. Please refer to BIOS documentation for addition details. Buy cypress dafasheet cy7c axi online at newark element In receive mode, the number of stop bits may vary and does not need to be fixed.

CRC value is not all ones 0: Outgoing Mailbox hardware interrupt. Set this bit only when communicating with a low-speed device. Transmit buffer full transmit busy 0: Power Supply Connection With Booster Enable remote wakeup interrupt for Port B 0: The Carry Flag bit indicates if an arithmetic operation resulted in a Carry for addition, or Borrow for subtraction.

A Length Exception can either mean an overflow or underflow and the Overflow and Underflow flags bits 11 and 10, respectively must be checked to determine which event occurred overflow or underflow condition occurred 0: The remaining 16k will be used for static font storage, capable of storing nine monochrome raster fonts.