The Desire of Ages is a proven source of inspiration and enlightenment to millions of readers all over the world. And with good reason, for it deals with a. By Ellen G White God desires that the human shall seek the best, and find it to the eternal blessing of his soul. . will be their study throughout endless ages. The Desire of Ages is a book about the life of Jesus Christ by the Seventh-day Adventist pioneer Ellen G. White. It was first published in It is part of her.

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The high priest started from the judgment seat, his face contorted with passion, his voice and demeanor plainly indicating that were it in his power he would strike down the prisoner before him. But agges from His own lips they could all hear those desirr repeated, their object might be gained. Unable longer to endure the scene, he rushed, heartbroken, from the hall.

He would leave no means untried to destroy Jesus. Had Jesus been a mere man, as the Jews claimed, His declaration would only have indicated an unreasonable, boastful spirit, but could not have been construed into blasphemy. By the Sea Once More.

The Feast at Simon’s House.

The Desire of Ages by Ellen G. White

The Life of Jesus through the eyes of a mother, wife, christian and servant of God. It is very in depth and you feel like you are there along with the disciples watching and learning.

The knowledge and counsel received through these revelations she wrote out to be shared with others. As if reading the inmost soul of His questioner, He denied that there was between Him and His followers any secret bond of union, or that He gathered them secretly and in the darkness to conceal His designs.


Very moving and inspiring. The desire of ages is a book about God. Standing under the condemnation of God, he pronounced sentence upon Christ as a blasphemer. He pretended not to understand her; but she was persistent, and said to those around her that this man was with Jesus.

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One day the base men who scorned and spat upon the calm, pale face of Christ will look upon it in its glory, shining brighter than the sun. Close Read this book. An amazingly great book. At desirw, Caiaphas, raising his right hand toward heaven, addressed Jesus in the form of a solemn oath: Under God the angels are all-powerful.

The Desire of Ages

Switch chapters automatically Close. The Roman soldiers were stationed on the platform below the throne. I knocked it down one star because of the scholarly consensus that parts of the book were plagiarized The Desire of Ages is the seminal work of Ellen G. In the court a fire had been kindled; for it was the coldest hour of the night, being dsire before the dawn.

They would have been able to recall His words that foretold His sufferings, His death, and His resurrection. Table of Contents 1. If you want to understand who and what Jesus Christ is then this book is This book truly breaks down the entirety of Jesus Christ. The author portrays Jesus in a beautiful and tangible way drawing hearts and challenging the thoughts of all who behold him. Y no, no estoy exagerando.

The Desire of Ages (Conflict of the Ages Series)

If they had been reported exactly as He spoke them, they would not have secured His condemnation even by the Sanhedrin. There were two charges which the priests desired to maintain. Aug 25, Dave rated it really liked it Shelves: Had it not been for the Roman soldiers, Jesus would not have lived to be nailed to the cross of Calvary. This is at least my third reading of this amazing book, and definitely a blessing every time I read it.


They were bent on securing His condemnation, but how to accomplish this they knew not. It was past midnight, and the cries of the hooting mob that followed Him broke sharply upon the still air.

How easily could the angels, beholding the shameful scene of the trial of Christ, have testified their indignation by consuming the adversaries of God! No trivia or quizzes yet. In legal condemnation nothing could be done except in the light of oof and before a full session of the council.

Ellen G. White: The Desire of Ages

Peter tried to show no interest in the trial of his Master, but his heart was wrung with sorrow as he heard the cruel taunts, and saw the abuse He was suffering. When the council had assembled in the judgment hall, Caiaphas took his seat as presiding officer.

The Touch of Faith. It is without doubt the best desiree written on the lied of Jesus Christ.

The disciple John, upon wges the judgment hall, did not try to conceal the fact that he was a follower of Jesus. He did not wish to be recognized as a disciple of Jesus.