Diseksi Aorta. PENDAHULUAN Aorta adalah kanal yang dilalui oleh darah yang dipompakan oleh ventrikel kiri yang kemudian dihantarkan ke sirkulasi. Document covering acute and chronic aortic diseases of the thoracic . Guidelines † Aortic diseases † Aortic aneurysm † Acute aortic. Diseksi aorta klasik umumnya diawali dari robekan tunika intima dinding aorta, menyebabkan darah mengalir masuk menuju media.

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There have been efforts to construct a clinical decision rule stratify risk of acute aortic dissection and avoid over-investigation. Loading Stack – 0 images remaining. Sometimes an aortic dissection can be mistaken for a heart attack on this test, and sometimes you can have both conditions at the same time.

Dissection of the thoracic aorta Dissection of the aorta Dissection of aorta. There are many misconceptions about what panic attacks look and feel like. Dissection of the Aorta. About Blog Go ad-free.

Although in general MRA has been reserved for follow-up examinations, rapid non-contrast imaging techniques e. An ascending aortic aneurysm is especially…. Your Anxiety Loves Sugar. Stanford type A with rupture into pericardium Case 7: Stanford type B Case 3: Displacement of atherosclerotic calcification into the lumen is also a frequently identified finding.

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Two classification systems are in common usage, both of which divide dissections according to the involvement of the diseksj aorta:. How is a dissection of the aorta diagnosed? The differential on chest x-ray is that of a dilated thoracic aorta. Unlike in the case of a heart attack, the pain usually begins suddenly when the dissection starts to occur and seems to move around.


There may be a difference in blood pressure between the two arms depending on where the dissection occurs. Stanford type B Case 5: Disekssi is often used in this case. The danger is that the dissection channels blood out of your aorta. This can potentially cause weakening of the inner layer of the aorta where a tear then could occur, leading to an aortic dissection.

Your doctor can prescribe proper medication therapy for hypertension or high cholesterol, if need be. The normal lumen lined by intima is called the true lumen and the blood-filled channel in the media is called the false lumen.

Imaging is essential in delineating the morphology and extent of the dissection as well as allowing for classification which dictates management. In a very small minority, an underlying connective tissue disorder may be present.

Early detection is essential.

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Stanford type B Case If you have a dissection of the aorta, it means that blood is leaking outside of the arterial lumen, or interior of aaorta blood vessel. Distinguishing between the two is often straightforward, but in some instances, no clear continuation of one lumen with normal artery can be identified. Conventional digital subtraction angiography has historically been the gold standard investigation.


Case 17 Case The aorta is a large artery that carries blood out of your heart. Stanford type A with rupture into pericardium. Some people have milder pain, which is sometimes mistaken for muscle strain, but this is less common. Stanford type B dissecting aneurysm. Ddiseksi then arches downwardpassing from your chest into your abdomen.

This could cause fatal complications, such as rupture of the dissected artery or severe blockage of aofta flow where it should be occurring through the normal lumen of the aorta. The aortic arch is the portion of the main artery that bends between the ascending and descending aorta. Sometimes blood hemorrhages from a rupture in the tiny vessels that supply the outside and middle walls of your aorta.

The majority of aortic dissections are seen in elderly hypertensive patients.

So chances are, you may benefit at some point in your life from talking…. Aortic dissections are classified as type A or type B:.