Ed Silvoso. likes · talking about this. Public Figure. CHAPTER 11 Prayer Power in Argentina1 by Edgardo Silvoso Edgardo Silvoso, a nativeborn Argentine, is the founding president of Harvest Evangelism.

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Jesus Life September 25, Once or twice a week I was hooked to a machine that performed a plasmapheresis. Over a period of four years, I was able to discontinue the injections, the chemotherapy, the cortisone, the oral medication and the plasmapheresis. Zucarelli worked on a pamphlet about the revival in Olmos with Michael Mike Richardson who was often called Miguel in Argentina. These books provide significant biographical information that helps to trace its origins as well as the personal journey he took that resulted in becoming one of its principal figures.

We chose Resistencia for a number of reasons. Subscribe for free to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts and free offers by email.

Prison Revival in Argentina, by Edgardo Silvoso | Renewal Journal

In this context, I was approached by pastor friends requesting training for their laypeople. In the early s, Ruth and I took some time off from the Palau team to take the graduate course at Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon. I believed that mass evangelism was the best tool to reach the world for Christ. Lance Wallnau was live.


For a video description, see: Silvoso is internationally acknowledged as a foremost leader of the Argentine Ddgardo. He is a recognized leader of the Argentine Revival and of the modern transformation movement. When I was 14, I was picked out of my local church to be a youth evangelist and canvassed the streets of San Nicolas weekend after weekend.

School of Transformation – Transform Our World

We prayed, sang, and ministered to each other, often late into the night. On the day I left Resistencia, the plane took off toward the silvosp, flying over the Parana River, which kilometers further south washes the beaches of my native San Nicolas. ByI had developed a severe case of a very serious illness, myasthenia gravis.

The persecution gave the Christian inmates legal grounds to request protection in the form of their own cell block — each cell block houses 42 inmates. Seven thousand pastors and leaders from all over Argentina and neighboring countries attended the four-day seminar.

Ed Silvoso

The ministry is distinguished for dealing with systemic social problems and understanding global marketplace changes, [23] the effectiveness of which is recorded in an extensive series of documentaries. Notify me of new posts via email.

I thought, Maybe we will find the way to reach an entire city for Christ. First, in one day the entire city approximately 63, homes was visited with a good news package, which was made available by Dick Eastman silvozo Every Home for Christ Crusade through Rino Bello, its director in Argentina. Afterward, Silvsoo was asked to be the preacher for this emerging congregation.


In the nearby town of La Plata, a well-known pastor was caught committing a crime and was sentenced to serve time—at Olmos!

Retrieved June 6, Retrieved from ” https: The town referenced was La Plata, no Laplata exists in Argentina. Otherwise the information sikvoso accurate to my knowledge, including recidivism rates, prisoner schedule and worship. This was an auspicious beginning in a city where we were told 68 of the 70 existing congregations were the result of church splits.

School of Transformation

Part of me was able to see it as done through the eyes of faith. Prayers were freely and generously offered all over the city on behalf of the sick, broken marriages, rebellious children and financial troubles.

Our hope was that when I was gone it would become a training center to reach cities for Christ. He addresses massive audiences in several nations and offers solutions to problems facing the twenty-first century.

Finally, a church-planting team was formally established.