The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana has ratings and 16 reviews. Lori said: This book is big. Really big. Vastly and hugely big. You may think it. Fantastic Victoriana is an incredibly ambitious work. Any work that sets out to call itself an “encyclopedia” of anything is immediately setting. When approaching any massive encyclopedic reference work such as Jess Nevins’s The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, one of the first things to do is look.

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Jess Nevins’ The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana | The Green Man Review

Again, this makes the book more readable at the expense of its usefulness as a reference. There are other problems with the book. But the more rigorous enccylopedia of the Fantastic knows that Fantasy, as well as those tropes that eventually spun away to become science fiction, are far older than just a hundred years.

Kelly can be reached by e-mail at jaquandor aol. May 10, at Kris Saknussemm rated it really liked it Oct 10, Mani Podcast read by: It absolutely boggles my mind to see the level of scholarship that goes in to a book like this. Despite the fact that the entries are in alphabetical order, there’s just no predicting where you should look for a given character, location, or work, a fact that wouldn’t be quite so vexing if the book had an index, which, sadly, it does not.

Cracking into this book requires time and a wheelbarrowbut it’s vichoriana well spent.

And if that doesn’t convince you that, in the grand scheme of things, the referecing schema is a relatively minor issue, consider that John Clute says that “It is to be consulted. Jared rated it really liked it Sep 23, Thanks to Robert for sending this my way.


The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana by Jess Nevins

These act as descriptions of trends in the works of the time and establish social, political, and literary contexts in which the texts can be read.

Astral rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Nevins has done nothing less than provide twenty-first century readers with a guidebook for an era of the Fantastic that fewer and fewer these days are aware even exists. I did not recall the name of Edmond Dantes, so I came across that entry purely by random flipping through the book. Rather like wandering through an information maze and finding oc prizes at the end of the dead-stops throughout.

A good reference book for anyone interested in this time period or trying to decipher references to this time period. Lists with This Book. The literature of the fantastic stretches back as far fntastic Homer, after all, and likely even before that.

But this book didn’t get thrown once and not only because I can barely lift it, either.

Jess knows his This book is big. No, is the short answer. What it is not an excellent example of is, strangely, an encyclopedia.

These entries are particularly useful in dealing with the wealth of lesser-known characters created in the period. Jess knows his stuff, and now thanks to his encyclopedia, so do I.

In his foreword, Nevins makes it clear that this is a book for people interested in—but not currently possessed of vast quantities of knowledge about—the “Victorians. Ralph rated it it was amazing Feb 08, If Fantastic Victoriana were an encyclopedia in the mould of, say, Britannica —that of a reference work to be consulted periodically for homework or the resolution to a bet in the pub—the referencing system would be a far more important issue.


Original Fiction in It is, in short, a reference book that can be profitably read from one cover to another although, given its length, it does take a while. Want to Read saving…. I’m not aware of another book dealing with the same subject matter, so Fantastic Victoriana automatically has something of a head start.

By this time, however, Nevins had also begun casting his net more widely, compiling information on fantastical literature of the V Reading encyclopediae is not normally my bag, but Jess Nevins’ masterpiece of genre research begged to be made an exception.

I’m also sure, however, that there are others beside me that must have looked at something filed in a particular place in Fantastic Victoriana and thought “huh? Oh, and reading those books.

The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana

The book tends to be far more clear and less indulgent in its tone. He suspects that only people who know him will fantaxtic the joke in the second half of that sentence. It’s designed for researching curiosities.