Option or part, Part number. Genuine Epson replacement lamp (ELPLP71), V13HL Air filter replacement (ELPAF40), V13HA Looking for ways to increase productivity in your organization? The BrightLink ProWi meeting room productivity tool eliminates the need for individual. How do I use the Split Screen function? You can split the screen and project from two sources at the same time. You can annotate and interact.

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Print documents immediately, either locally or to a network resource. Let’s start with the basics. It lets you use two 1410qi at once; it lets you annotate images from any source at all or none, so you can use it as a whiteboard; and although you need to calibrate the pen with the screen, the calibration is fully automatic, making it almost as painless as not needing calibration at all.

Either way, it’s certainly worth considering.

Display content from a range of sources then save as PDF to USB memory key or network location, print or send via email. Contact Us Submit your contact details below and an Epson expert will be in touch: The EBWi Series enhances collaboration and productivity by combining ultra-short-throw projection, interactive whiteboard, paper flipchart and more in a single device.

Maintenance intervals up to 5, hours 4. They make one-sided presenting a thing of the past and maximise audience involvement with real-time annotation and multi-location capabilities.

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View All 5 Photos in Gallery. For the moment, at least, it’s your only choice. Even better, the quality is good enough so I could make out every word of some quietly spoken dialog that comes out mangled with most projector sound systems. Annotate and enhance presentations with dual interactive pens. Despite a few rough spots, like the hidden setup instructions, it largely succeeds in providing features that you won’t find elsewhere, most notably the multi-location interactivity. It also stands apart from the other advanced interactive features.


Depending on your point of view, the Epson BrightLink Pro Wi Meeting Room Productivity Tool is either nearly identical to the Editors’ Choice Epson BrightLink Wi with one major feature added, or it’s a completely different kind of projector and potentially the first in an entirely new category.

These ultra-short-throw projectors epsno glare and 141w0i and create perfect images. For more information and for registration, please click here.

Ultra-short-throw projection Easy installation, no shadow or glare.

Intelligent presenting system Supporting a fully digital workflow the EBWi Series combines the benefits of ultra-short-throw projectors, interactive whiteboards, and paper flipcharts in a single integrated system. A collaborative experience Capture, create, consolidate and share data to support effective collaboration. Product reviews Be the first to write a review for this rpson.

Easy operation control pad Power On, Source Search, Capture Content from an external source and Print or Save Content locally or to a 14100wi location at the push of a button. Since based on figures from Futuresource Consulting www.

Epson BrightLink Pro Wi Meeting Room Productivity Tool Review & Rating |

Easy to install in any room, they connect to a wide range of sources, including PCs, mobile devices, wireless office networks and USB flash drives. Brightness, Image Quality, and Sound The Wi is easily bright enough to stand up to the ambient light in most offices, with a 3, lumen rating, which rpson typical for this class of projector. Files may be saved locally to a USB key or to a pre-defined network folder. You won’t mistake the image for something produced by a home theater projector, but it’s good enough to watch for long sessions.

When used in the general office environment the amount of floating dust: I didn’t have an appropriate printer to test with, but the other buttons I tested worked as promised.


For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement. Are you an end user or business customer? David is also an expert in imaging technologies including printers, moni Register The fields marked with an asterisk are e;son fields.

Epson Europe EB-1410Wi Projector

It starts with all the capabilities that make the Epson BrightLink Wi Editors’ Choice, and then goes further, including some tricks that no other projector even tries to do. Forget complex multiple devices and training.

Epson says this shouldn’t be a problem, because it expects most Wis 1410si be sold by dealers who will also install them. To learn about the other additional epeon of the Epson EB series, please click the button below.

Epson Europe Projectors: Epson Europe EBWi 3 LCD projector

Cons Have to touch screen to interact. Integrated, interactive projector and meeting room system Transform your business with the all-in-one interactive meeting room system from the world number one in projectors?. However, note that if your computer is old and slow enough, the lag between annotating with the pen and seeing the results can be extreme enough to make the feature nearly useless.

Smart information sharing Display content from a range of sources then save as PDF to USB memory key or network location, print or send via email. Although a confirmed generalist, with writing credits on subjects as varied as ape language experiments, politics, quantum physics, and an overview of a top company in the gaming industry. What you gain is the ability for people in separate locations to all interact with the same image, although not simultaneously, since only one pen will work at a time.