Eugenia stipitata. Myrtaceae. McVaugh. Detail of ripe fruit. (Frutales de la Amazonia). LOCAL NAMES. English (eugenia); Portuguese (araçá-boi); Spanish . Eugenia stipitata. a.k.a. Araza. Large sized guava relative with bright yellow fruit having an excellent sour-acid flavor. Fruits are very juicy, up to five inches wide. Eugenia stipitata is a fruit from Amazonia rich in terpene, volatile compounds, fiber, and vitamin C. The fruit is recognized for its high antioxidant activity and has .

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The larvae of Atractomerus imigrans feed on the seed, while the larvae of Conotrachellus feed on the pulp. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Stipjtata and Privacy Policy.

Fruit and flower Photograph by: Uses Sometimes eaten fresh, out of hand, although the fruits are quite acidic. The soil is stipitaya with 0.


Araca Boi – Eugenia stipitata – Seeds

The seeds are recalcitrant. During the first and in some cases also second or third year it can be intercropped with annual cultures.

Fruit, cut open to reveal flesh and seeds Dugenia by: Food Research International 50 1: Psidium guineense Brazilian Guava. Eugenia uniflora Surinam Cherry.

Eugenia stipitata

Consequently, seed beds must be established in the first five days after the seeds have been harvested. Comments have to be approved before they are shown here. The black bee Trigona branneri eats the skin, pulp and sometimes the seed of the fruit as well.

The species is believed to have its origin in the extreme west of the Amazon basin, perhaps in the Peruvian Amazon. Germination is not uniform and may take up to 80 days; in the conditions described, the germination rate may reach around percent.

Eugenia stipitata

Scientia Horticulturae 3: Melaleuca incana Gray Honey Myrtle. Fruits are very juicy, up to five inches wide, with a strong fruity aroma. Growing Environment Minimal information is available. Acmena smithii Eugenia smithii Lilly Pilly. Specimens have also been introduced elsewhere in the tropics, for example in Tenom, Sabah, Malaysia.


Myrcianthes fragrans Simpson’s Stopper. Last update on Lastly, in the case of fungi, Araza is susceptible to anthracnose. Eugenia aggregata Cherry of the Rio Grande.

Eugenia reinwardtiana Cedar Bay Cherry. Ugni molinae Chilean Guava. Examples from Latin America. Syzygium malaccense Malay Apple. Psidium guajava Red Malaysian Guava. J Essent Oil Res 15 4: The seeds have the best germination rate when they are extracted from the completely mature fruits. Pimenta racemosa Bay Rum.

The flaking bark has brown to reddish colour. Syzygium oleosum Blue Lilly Pilly. Efforts are currently underway in parts of South America to cultivate this species.