Jeanne Guyon discovers the great difference between praying to God and experiencing God through prayer. In this inspirational book she shares secrets of this. Madame Jeanne Guyon discovered the great difference between praying to God, and experiencing God through prayer. She shares the secrets of this higher. Lisa Donovan’s thoughts and quotes from. Experiencing God through Prayer. By Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon (). Although her writings must be read.

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The cause of our being so unsuccessful in reforming mankind, especially those of the lower classes, is our beginning with external matters; all our labors in this field, do but produce such fruit as endures not; but if the key of the interior be first given, the exterior would be naturally and easily reformed.

To see price and additional information, including how to purchase this productsimply click on the above photo. We must second the designs of God, which tend to divest us of all our own operations, that his may be substituted in their place. In any other case, it is much better not to be burdened with and tied down to the repetition of set forms, but wholly given up to the leadings of the Holy Spirit; and in this way every species of devotion is fulfilled in a most eminent degree.

A father is better pleased with an address which love and respect have made confused, because he sees that it proceeds from the heart, than he is by a dry and barren harangue, though never so elaborate.

All our imaginations of God amount to nothing; a lively faith in his presence is sufficient. I intend here to speak only of internal acts, those energies of the soul, by which it turns internally towards some objects, and away from others.

Experiencing God Through Prayer

But this is a process which lasts a long time. No, dear souls, believe me, this is not the expfriencing way in this degree of prayer; with patient love, with self-abasement and humiliation, with the reiterated breathings of an ardent but peaceful affection, and with silence full of veneration, you must await the return of the Beloved.

To ask other readers questions about Experiencing God Through Prayerplease sign up. As one falling into the sea, would sink from one depth to another to all eternity, if the sea were infinite, so they, without perceiving guyonn descent, drop with inconceivable swiftness into the lowest deeps. I shall here use this latter appellation, as being more just than that of contemplation, which implies a more advanced state than that I am now treating of.


If you are looking for a deeper walk with the Lord, this book is anointed and will help you pull into a fresh anointing of prayer with Him. She wasn’t one to not return things.

It may, perhaps, be objected here, that as God never robs man of his free will, he can always resist the divine operations; and that I therefore err in saying God acts absolutely, and without the consent of gor. It is not the quantity that is read, but the manner of reading, that yields us profit.

You must, then, learn a species of prayer which may be exercised at all times; which does not obstruct outward employments; which may be equally practised by princes, kings, prelates, priests and magistrates, soldiers and children, tradesmen, laborers, women, and sick persons; it is not the prayer of the head, but OF THE HEART.

A life of piety appears so frightful to many, and prayer of such difficult attainment, that thdough are discouraged from taking a single step towards it.

Madame Guyon () A Short and Very Easy Method of Prayer – Authentic Version

A little child, on perceiving a monster, does not wait to fight with it, and will scarcely turn its eyes toward it, but quickly shrinks into the bosom of its mother, in assurance of its safety. It is true, indeed, that he who would seek God, and is yet unwilling to forsake his sins, shall not find him, because he seeks Him where He is not; and, therefore, it is added, “Ye shall die in your sins.

None can be ignorant that God is the Supreme Good; that essential blessedness consists in union with Him; that the saints differ in glory, according as the union is more or less perfect; and that the soul cannot attain this union by the mere activity of its own powers, since God communicates Himself to the soul, in proportion as its passive capacity is great, noble and extensive.

We are told in Scripture that “unto the simple, God giveth the understanding of his law” Psalm cxix. Good, short easy read. Compose catechisms expressly to teach prayer, not by reasoning nor by method, for the simple are incapable of that; but to teach the prayer of the heart, not of the understanding; the prayer of God’s Spirit, not of man’s invention.

God saith by the mouth of his prophet, “I will lead her into solitude, and there will I speak to her heart Hos. Kevin Wildman rated it liked it Aug 20, Yet let not those come who are without a heart; they are excused; for there must be a heart before there can be love.


Gold cannot be purified but by fire, which gradually consumes all that is earthy and foreign, and separates it from the metal. Madame Jeanne Guyon discovered the great difference between praying to Godand experiencing God through prayer.

I really enjoyed it. Whoever will try this path, will find it ptayer easiest in the world. Instead, then, of encouraging sloth, we promote the highest activity, by inculcating a total dependence on the Spirit of God, as our moving principle; for it is in Him, and by Him alone, that we live and move, and have our being.

They will compel you to share them with the world. He sends his own Wisdom before Him, as fire shall be madams upon the earth, to destroy by its activity all that is impure; and as nothing can resist the power of that fire, but it consumes everything, so this Wisdom destroys all the impurities of the creature, in order to dispose it experiencjng divine union.

The great book which teaches all things, and which is written all over, within and without, is Jesus Christ himself. It is practised by continually losing our own will in the will of God; renouncing every private inclination as soon as it arises, however good it may appear, that we experuencing stand in indifference with respect to ourselves, and only will what God mmadame willed from all eternity; resigning ourselves in all things, whether for soul or body, for time or eternity; forgetting the past, leaving the future to Providence, and devoting the present to God; satisfied with the present moment, which brings with it God’s eternal order in reference to us, and is as infallible a declaration of his will, as it is inevitable and common to all; attributing nothing that befalls us to the creature, but regarding all things in God, and looking upon all, excepting only our go, as infallibly proceeding from Him.

A LL are capable of prayer, and it is a dreadful misfortune that almost all the world have conceived the idea that they are not called to prayer. To give the guypn to God, is to have the whole energy of the soul ever centering in Him, that we may be rendered conformable to his will. It is by prayer alone that we are brought into his experisncing, and maintained in it without interruption.