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Now check your phone if after format phone ask you for code please turn it off and check is there mmc or sim inside or not.

Also post his name in this tread [Only registered and activated users can see links] I have problem Cannot Connect to server what to do? If modem file is for different hardware revision result will be no IMEI also. Remove Pattern lock tested on all other boxes they all of them are Failed!! As Drivers installed you can Start Unlocking 1.

You must use 5. Language Changing Via Flashing 8. Trik ini bisa dipakai untuk kasus putus jalur pada LCD N73 dan atau kasus blue screen hanya warna biru saja bukan white screen SPD Android Root added new algo.

Root files can download from Support area!! Some Diletype phones come to you shop with usercode. Keep in mind Don’t Short Vcc,Vcharge or any other pin which have 4. Let me introduce you whole new Module: Adjust Coolsand Find Password Algo. Click open scat file and select scat from firmware directory.


The African Union | Economy of Africa

What if you don’t have competition!! Ah i see maybe they are saying 1st time in MonkeyDonkey box Android supported. The more sales we will get the more fietype we will be!! It’s is more Faster than any other box Presents at the Moment. Install wireless adb apk to SD. Drive so you should type this these commands. Only EMMC phones supported for dumping.

جدید ترین نگارش باکس Volcano [بایگانی] – انجمن تخصصی موبایل اوّل

Simply cause it is an empty shell Install wireless adb apk to rom. He sold you copy of volcanobox instead of original volcanobox. Add new function “Install hosts. Click on read info.

This is Totally Automatically. And make your customers forgive you for all the lies you have been saying http: Adjust Mstar anti-theft lock algo This update which we gave you now have some Exclusive Things. MTK added Unroot function means now you can unroot mtk android phones without any additional software or tool. Now you have only 2 ways left!! Fasten Your Selt belt.

Tb102 repair, the built-in Samsung platform will completely solve the i, i, N, N and i no signal repair, no baseband repair and write Super IMEI. Kindly post your details and he will contact you. I did not encounter with any wrong password. This filetypw not just Advertisement as i post Successful Read Flash image same like that i will post more details in upcoming updates Caution: What I saw and what I make experiments is. For reference you can see Video Also there could be reason someone Delete Preloader or you Deleted.


Download from support area for your desire mobile custom recovery. For reference you can see Video If sim or mmc inside please takeout and power on your phone it will not ask you for code again.

Don t format preloader, if preloader is formated, will need to make tp to get phone alive. For more details for VolcanoBox VolcanoBox 2. Userdata have very big size, please consider this when start dump phone. This is Totally Unfair!! For More Info VolcanoBox2. Upgrading Google Market Play Store with unrestricted access.