Introduction. The Book of Fiends provides an in depth look at evil in all its varied forms. .. Book of Fiends, Green Ronin, Arcana, the Arcana logo, and the Green . The Book of Fiends, Green Ronin, Arcana, the Arcana logo, and the Green Ronin logo are Our original plan called for Volume 3 of the Book of Fiends. Published by Green Ronin in and retailing at USD , it allows the GMs to enrich their campaign setting with some of the most horrific.

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The meat of the first section is the Creatures of the Abyss and includes old web additions like the abyssal dragon template, old standards from the original book like the campaign shattering Armageddon Beast, and from what I understand, some odd 20 new demons as well like the vessel of orcus, an undead construct created from the faces of sinners. The second is the unholy warrior class. The tie-in with other Green Ronin books gets better still.

It’s the same format as before; an introduction to the creatures here so powerful that they don’t need stats not that you couldn’t drum them up elsewhere and booj introductory glance at the geography of the realm.

The Book of Fiends really is full of fiends; it is entirely suitable for a “plane war” game, dark fantasy, high fantasy, even horror and perhaps even occult. I’m asking for two reasons: For more information on these two volumes, see my original reviews of the individual 3. In particular, I have been impressed with Ornin and Ryman’s work since they became part of the stable of artists used by Green Ronin, and they continue that trend here.

That said you will find demons with CR of 20 and much higher later on in this book. The Table is as follows: Sam Wood, Raven Mimura, Denniz Detwiller, Toren Atkinson and Brian Despain all add their considerable talents to make this a visually pleasing book and have my thanks for their efforts.


The seven circles; wrath, envy, lust, sloth, gluttony, greed and pride are homes to a horde of fiends. Jeff Grubb, et al.

Book of Fiends – Tim’s Errata Archive

Another point – thoroughness. Your players can read The Book of Fiends. Much like the Armies of the Abyss volume, there are many new creatures introduced herein see my review of Legions of Hell for a more detailed look at the creatures that appeared in the original. The snippet of the Unholy Warrior is just enough of a tease to make you want more and their trestise on the heavenly host is not to be missed.

Legions of Hell sourcebook, but the Lower Planes are home to evil every bit as ancient and potent as that of the Pit: While I enjoy the minor details in appendix three on two fiendish cities, once again, I find that I’d get more use out of demon lord stats. These fairly weak goblin-like creatures are fast and expert craftsmen. Green Ronin took the opportunity to update their previous books at the same time they introduced their latest volume.

As an example, consider the languishinga creature that serves as the watcher of sloth.

I guess I see where you’re coming from. What vook Tim’s Errata Archive? This is a great book full of really creepy monsters. Balan’s Jackals followers of the infernal huntsman BalanMountebank devious spellcaster in service of Jalie Squarefoot and Plaguelords servant of the fetid prince Nergal.

I sometimes fall on the scale of higher and lower depending on how much use I get out of the book and to be honest, while I’ve used the Armies of the Abyss and Legions of Hell, I haven’t used them to a great deal. Deamons are based around the concept of the “seven sins”.

But what really brings it home are the classes. There’s a flipside to the flipside. There are 21 entries for the rulers of the Abyss, and 43 various creatures of the Abyss.


In my opinion, it’s a great buy This CR 30 monster is a tool that heralds the end of a universe. Since the Book of Fiends bpok designed to be a great companion to The Book of the Righteous it’s nice to see a large appendix devoted to quickly summarising the three choirs of Yreen orders.

Do your players have what it takes to defy the Abyss? The Book of Fiends and the smaller books which comprise it sought to bring these evocative foes to campaigns of any level. It is a book of demons, and it delivers right down to the core. There a few prestige classes, and a base class for the vilest of vile characters.

The original thaumaturge was basically a cleric with inferior combat abilities and random “corruptions” every few levels, which made it seem a little weak compared to a PC class of the same level. Larvae are the souls of deceased evil creatures, and common throughout the lower planes. See the DMG, pp.

This includes an introductory chapter, a chapter covering the thaumaturge class, a chapter with demon princes with only background, no combat statsand the creatures themselves.

The Book of Fiends

The Book Of Fiends. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. There’s even a bibliography and, of course, a bok index. And it was even more juicy and sinfully delicious than its predecessors. Stats would be pointless. Balan’s Jackal is made a bit more appealing, and the abilities are better distributed through its advancement. The Challenge Rating is nice as is the effort to include a role in the war for souls for them.

The armies of Good all but finished off the qlippoth, leaving their roonin cities in the upper layers of the Abyss but let many of the demonic creations escape into the lower layers.