DESCRIPTION. Here is a list of all the functions included in this module: gsl_histogram_alloc($n) – This function allocates memory for a. GNU Scientific Library with CMake build support. Contribute to ampl/gsl development by creating an account on GitHub. It’s pretty easy, just use this tutorial to find and install GSL package. about how to draw a histogram with Gnuplot on Stackoverflow: Histogram using gnuplot?.

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gsl-histogram(1) – Linux man page

The counts for each bin are stored in an array pointed to by bin. There are two ways to access histogram bins, either by specifying an coordinate or by using the bin-index directly. The search includes an optimization for histograms with uniform ranges, and will return the correct bin immediately in this case. This function returns the index of the bin containing the minimum value.

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Both one and two-dimensional histograms are supported.

If the index i is valid then the corresponding range limits are stored in lower and upper. This function sets historam ranges of the existing histogram h using the arrays xrange and yrange of size xsize and ysize respectively. The search includes an optimization for histograms with uniform range, and will return the correct bin immediately in this case. You would also need to provide the Apple-provided libc on the Linux system.

A two dimensional histogram consists of a set of bins which count the number of events falling in a given area of histogran plane. The histogram h must be preallocated with the correct size since the function uses the number of x and y bins in h to determine how many bytes to read. In the case where several bins contain the same maximum value the first bin found is returned. The library provides efficient routines for selecting jistogram samples from probability distributions.

Note that the size of the range array should hixtogram defined to be one element bigger than the number of bins.

Each line contains the lower and upper limits of the bin and the contents of the bin. Since the upper limits of the each bin are the lower limits of the neighboring bins there is duplication of these values histogtam this allows the histogram to be manipulated with line-oriented tools.

Histograms — GSL documentation

It would be easier to run: In GSL the bins of a histogram contain floating-point numbers, so they can be used to record both integer and non-integer distributions.


This function returns the mean of the histogrammed variable, where the histogram is regarded as a probability distribution.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This function shifts the contents of the bins of histogram h by the hjstogram offseti.

GNU Scientific Library – Reference Manual: Histograms

In this picture the values of the range array are denoted by. This chapter describes functions for creating histograms. First a by two-dimensional histogram is created with x and y running from 0 to 1.

This function frees the two-dimensional probability distribution function p and all of the histogrzm associated with it. You cannot copy libraries from OS and expect them to work unchanged. The lower limits are inclusive i. The bins and ranges are not initialized, and should be prepared using one of the range-setting functions below in order to make the histogram ready for use. Thus any samples which fall on the upper end of the histogram are excluded. Allowing for statistical error, the height of each bin represents the probability of an event where the value of falls in the range histlgram that bin.

This function initializes the two-dimensional probability distribution calculated p from the histogram h.