grammaticalization, and the book under review is a welcome addition to the steadily In their book, Hopper & Traugott define grammaticalization as ‘the pro-. Traugott ; Hopper & Traugott []), is a basic type of change that may lead to Claims about “constructions” and grammaticalization in earlier work. Grammaticalization: Paul J. Hopper, Elizabeth Closs Traugott, Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics, Cambridge University Press, second ed., [], xx +.

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This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat An important and popular topic which is still debated is the question of unidirectionality. HopperElizabeth Closs Traugott No preview available – By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. PJ Hopper Glossa 7 2, In historical linguistics and language changegrammaticalization also known trauggott grammatization or grammaticization is a process of language change by which grammaticalizaiton representing objects and actions i.

Particular attention is paid to recent debates over directionality in change and the role of grammaticalization in creolization. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article.

As Jespersen put it. Pratt,Grammaticalization co-authored with Paul J. Articles 1—20 Show more. This study focuses on the use and meaning of grammatical markers of tense, aspect, and modality and identifies a Newmeyer Limited preview – Account Options Sign in. He was thus able to present a notion of the creation of grammatical forms as a legitimate study for linguistics.

Hopper P., Traugott E.C. Grammaticalization

Construction Grammar, as a kind of cognitive linguistics, differs significantly It implies that a linguistic expression loses phonetic substance when it has undergone grammaticalization. Some linguists, like Heine and Kuteva, stress the fact that even though obligatorification can be seen as an important process, it is not necessary for grammaticalization to take place, and it also occurs in other types of language fraugott.


A greatly influential work in the domain was Christian Lehmann ‘s Thoughts on Grammaticalization Compare the Rgammaticalization verb wollen which has partially undergone a similar path of grammaticalization, and note the simultaneous existence of the non-grammaticalized Modern English verb to will e.

It is believed that the stages on the cline do not always have a fixed position, but vary. Applied cognitive linguistics I: Joan Bybee and her colleagues present a new theory of the evolution of grammar that links structure and meaning in a way that directly challenges most contemporary versions of generative grammar. Semantic bleaching, or grrammaticalization, has been seen from early on as a characteristic of grammaticalization.

Since then, the study of grammaticalization has become broader, grammaticaliation linguists have extended the term into various directions. Cambridge University Press Amazon. Expanding the Definition of Grammaticalization. The system can’t perform the operation now.

Lessau notes that “unidirectionality in itself is a predictive assertion in that it selects grammaticalizaion general type of possible development it predicts the direction of any given incipient case ,” and unidirectionality also rules out an entire range of development types that do not follow this principle, hereby limiting the amount of possible paths of development.

Oxford University Press, Heine writes that “once a lexeme is conventionalized as a grammatical markerit tends to undergo erosion; that is, the phonological substance is likely to be reduced in some way and to become more dependent on surrounding phonetic material”.

Some linguists trace erosion to the speaker’s tendency to follow the principle of least effort, while others think that erosion is a sign of changes taking place. This work focussed on African languages synchronically from the point of view of grammaticalization. Humboldtputting Sino-Tibetan languages in a sharp contrast to the other languages in the world in typology.


In addition, unidirectionality refers to a general developmental orientation which all or the large majority of the cases of grammaticalization have in common, and which can be paraphrased in abstract, general terms, independent of any specific case.

In chapter I, first some preliminary Grammatical constructions and their discourse origins: These are semantic bleachingphonetic erosionmorphological reduction and obligatorification.

Although these ‘parameters of grammaticalization’ are often linked to the theory, linguists such as Bybee et al. Bernd Heine and Tania Kuteva have described different kinds of phonetic erosion for applicable cases:.

These shifts generally follow similar patterns in different languages. Frequency and the emergence of linguistic structure 45, 1 In addition, most are not limited to grammaticalization but can be applied in the wider context of language change.

Chapter one, Hopper and Traugott

The final stage of grammaticalization has happened in many languages. It is very common for full verbs to become auxiliaries and eventually inflexional endings.

Includes references and index. Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society 13, This particular cline is called “the cline of grammaticality” [19] or the “cycle of categorial downgrading”, [20] and it is a common one. traugoty

According to Lyle Campbellhowever, advocates often minimize the counterexamples or redefine them as not being part of the grammaticalization cline. Humboldt, for instance, came up with the idea of evolutionary language.

New articles related to this author’s research. Hopper is Thomas S.