Influence, the classic book on persuasion, explains the psychology of why Dr. Robert Cialdini is the seminal expert in the rapidly expanding field of influence and persuasion. Oct 28, محمد حمزة added it · review of another edition .. the reason behind certain behaviors of our newly appointed driver to my father. [Robert B Cialdini] — Dr. Robert Cialdini explains the psychology of why people Edition/Format: Print book: English: Revised edition.; First Collins business. [Robert B Cialdini] — The author, a doctor explains the six psychological principles Edition/Format: Print book: English: Rev. edView all editions and formats.

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In this context, we are more likely than ever to use these shortcuts to help us make decisions quicker and easier. An overarching idea of the book is that people don’t always use all the available information to make a decision – somtimes they use ed.eobert. Each chapter explaining, through case studies, social experiments, research and psychological analysis of human behavior, different methods and tact with persuwsion we are convinced to do or not do a certain thing.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

I’d like to share this with the other members of a board I’m on — and everyone I know who wants to influence others’ behavior. Not Enabled Word Cialdinu We already know that something being scarce increases it’s perceived value, but then the book goes on to say WHY does scarcity increases perceived value and draws yet another example of how the s Black Revolution stemmed from scarcity.

Although this book is informative it is also repetitive. Cialdini, like many psychologists, argued that humans face many difficult decisions in life. We ov not as easily led and controlled as this book and the current administration would like to think. Directed Deference 7 Scarcity: Other editions – View all Ths rev: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


I’ve done really well in sales and still saw this …more I read this book for pleasure.

Learn more about Amazon Ed.tobert. This plays to a second point: I basically quickly skimmed them. I especially liked how the book used said studies in how it affects daily, and non-daily lives. Return to Book Page.

The author offered six principles of influence, i. I don’t see this example as a properly researched one – the reasons we chose mates is a lot more complicated than who is willing to marry us.

It was written in the 80’s psychilogy is a little out dated in facts and writing style.

Buy for others

The more we spend on our suit, the more we are likely to spend on shoes and tie. But this means we have to be vigilant – to make sure we are not being taken advantage of.

Pretty soon, they’d have essays on the subject which appeared damaging to the USA, and made the prisoners look brainwashed. For example, I have a thing ‘for’ footing my rve bill all the time.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert B. Cialdini, PhD – Google Books

Committment and Consistency – This was perhaps the most fascinating chapter. These Weapons of Influence are 1- Reciprocation feeling indebt to return a favor 2- Commitment and Consistency People naturally don’t like change, they want predictability 3- Social Proof If everyone is doing it, that is proof enough 4- Liking We are more susceptible to being influenced by those we like 5- Authority Many are more than happy to put blind faith in authority 6- Scarcity Ahh the central tenet of Economics, also has a powerful emotional appeal Thank you for your feedback.

Every day more and more web sites open up with alternating viewpoints. Could be that he wrote this book for the consumer, so they understood how they are being manipulated and how to overcome it Social psychology is going through a replication crisis right now, but Influence is a reminder of the field’s promise and its return on our investment on it. He also told the infamous story where people would continue administering shock therapy to “subjects” because the professor told them to continue – despite people screaming in the other room.


The author believes that many companies manipulate and take advantage of these psychological efficiencies for financial gain.

If it is not someone’s birthday, or a special occasion where someone is giving a treat, but is trying to pay my bill, I feel uncomfortable. The Vialdini of Persuasion is a readable, useful book in not only a social context but also in a spiritual context. Just call them “influencers” or something less vomit-inducing, buddy.

Or, people with legitimate authority may overstep the bounds of that authority. Feb 04, Veronika rated it liked it.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

I tired one of his techniques on a colleague I had been chasing for week and it worked like a charm within an hour, so 1 for 1. Information from a recognized authority can provide us a valuable shortcut for deciding how to act in a situation. There was an elaborate study where they gave one set of people 10 cookies, another set 2, and then a third set initially 10, and then took away 8 and left them with two.

People give something in order to get something. But liking is a big category. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.