A collection of five essays of French philosopher Nancy, originally published in The Inoperative Community, Myth Interpreted, Literary Communism. : Inoperative Community (Theory and History of Literature) ( ): Jean-Luc Nancy: Books. Jean-Luc Nancy is a French philosopher. Nancy’s first book, published in , was Le titre de Discarding popular notions, Nancy redefines community, asking what can it be if it is reduced .. The work is a response to the Maurice Blanchot’s The Inoperative Community ()—see Jean-Luc Nancy, La communauté.

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Also, in everyday life, people consistently voice their frustrations with the ‘lawless and wild youths’ who have alienated themselves from the community that they were born in.

Oct 06, tout rated it really liked it Shelves: This engagement with various different types of thinkers also came to be characteristic of his later work, which is renowned for its versatility.

Books by Jean-Luc Nancy. Studies in Practical Philosophy 1 1fully dedicated to the work of Nancy.

Jean-Luc Nancy

Nancy argues that an authentic “dwelling” in the world must be concerned with the creation of meaning enjoyment and not final purposes, closed essences, and exclusive worldviews. In this respect, Nancy is obviously thinking of the former socialist states, as well as the nazi and fascist states of tne twentieth century.


George – – International Studies in Philosophy 35 lux So, one has to think freedom from its existential ground, its finite being. Globalization The theme of community is one kean the main and most interesting threads throughout Nancy’s work, but there are numerous other themes and questions in his work. It is not a loss: Beilharz – – Thesis Eleven Heidegger was convinced the national-socialist movement would guarantee a collective escape from an improper existence.

Publications Pages Publications Pages.

For Nancy, however, this heart is not a heart. The existence of the other is the necessary condition of freedom, rather than its limitation. Literature Literary theory and cultural studies GO. We should be suspicious of this consciousness first of all because it seems to have accompanied the Western world from its communiyy beginnings: Nevertheless, Lacan is not the author that Nancy and Lacoue-Labarthe explicitly study or look up to.

But this is impossible.

Inoperative Community by Jean-Luc Nancy

Community is, in a sense, resistance itself Since then, Nancy has continued to formulate his reservations against psychoanalytic concepts like Law, Father, Other, Subject, etc.

A community is the presentation to its members of their mortal beings After his aggregate in philosophy in Paris and a short period as a teacher in Colmar, in Nancy became an a assistant at the Institut de Philosophie in Strasbourg—he lives and works in Strasbourg.


Sign in Create an account. Some fascinating ideas – pushes the project of exorcising the vestiges of the philosophy of the subject farther than I’ve seen elsewhere. Nov 14, Jay rated it it was amazing. Despite the closing down of the Centre inNancy’s concern with the question of the political, and that of community, has never disappeared.

Jean-Luc Nancy in Continental Philosophy categorize this paper. Ashok Collins – – Sophia 54 3: It commuinty not enough to say, ‘Myth is a myth’, since the formula nanfy irony, as I have already said, is fundamentally the same teh the formula for the identity of myth and for its mythic identity.

Nancy is more alive than ever, both as a man and as a philosopher. But over the past ten years, Nancy has also sought to depart from this mode and to pursue in a more independent fashion the notion of difference to which his work has pointed.

I need to reread this in a couple years from now when I might have read and understood Heidegger, have been immersed in Bataille and Nietzsche Le titre de la lettre The Title of the Letter.