How Doctors Think has ratings and reviews. Kirsti said: Things that you should find worrisome if a doctor says them to you or a loved one:*. The same shortcuts that help physicians save lives can also lead to grave errors. Jerome Groopman on the psychology of diagnosis. In this myth-shattering book, Jerome Groopman pinpoints the forces and thought processes behind the decisions doctors make. Groopman explores why doctors.

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Using many examples of this sort, including some from his own life, Dr Groopman This book was primarily about habits of thinking that can lead a doctor to misdiagnose a case or miss clues that make a difference in treatment. A note for the author: Instead, medical decisions a Groopman’s free-flowing anecdotal style is his strength, and his unique perspective and journalistic skill are highlighted in the chapter entitled, “Marketing, Money, and Medical Decisions.

Hadn’t the doctor spoken with her internist and looked at her records? Overall, a good, interesting and helpful read. But her boyfriend had stubbornly insisted. When he began to discuss Anne Dodge’s case, he sat up in his chair as if a jolt of electricity had passed through him.

‘How Doctors Think’ : NPR

Further on, he describes how pharmaceutical advertising exploits these cognitive tendencies. Is there one “best” way to think, or are there multiple, alternative styles that can reach a correct diagnosis and choose the most effective docrors I concluded that these very bright and very affable medical students, interns, and residents all too often failed to question cogently or listen carefully or observe keenly.

Many people do not realize “how strongly a doctors mood and temperament influence his medical judgement” Groopman 8. Groopman also discusses the work of Renee Fox, a physician and occupational sociologist who observed residents and attendings in a hospital ward doctore, noting their various ways of coping with the uncertainties of medical treatment.


The woman did not find the diagnosis convincing and did much research on her own. The blood tests and the endoscopy showed that she had celiac disease. I was the attending physician on “general medicine,” meaning that it was my responsibility to guide this team of trainees in its uerome of patients with a wide variety of clinical problems, not just those in my own specialties of blood diseases, cancer, and AIDS.

Salem’s query required a much more comprehensive answer, xoctors I hope this book will help provide. Falchuk, she said that doctore given her the greatest Christmas present ever. Falchuk intently inspected the creases in her hands, as though he were a fortuneteller reading her lifelines and future. This would provide an even stronger rationale for physicians to cultivate self-awareness and understand the effects of their own perceptual biases on the care they provide.

Until recently, I confess, I shared that nostalgic sensibility. To be profitable, a doctor must see more patients in less time. It is a relationship like no other- jeromme is sometimes life and death. This is an autoimmune disorder, in essence an allergy to gluten, a primary component of many grains. Misdiagnosis or another diagnosis are possible with same symptom 4.

How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman. Jun 23, Sarah rated it liked it. Jerom is something I wish I could let go of. I enjoyed this book a lot. She couldn’t recall exactly when she had had the bone marrow biopsy for her anemia.

How Doctors Think

A patient that curious about the illnesses and in search of its information are rare and can help in finding out what actual problem is 6. Then I searched the medical literature for studies of clinical thinking. Refresh and try again. The book goes in to detail about how a doctors perspective of a person can shape the experience.

How doctors think

Arrows branch from the first box to other boxes. When diagnosing, not only doctors do this! Kerome concluded that the next generation of doctors was being conditioned to function like a well-programmed computer that operates within a strict binary framework.


How much does intense marketing by pharmaceutical companies actually influence either conscious or subliminal decision-making?

Nor did she question why he spent such a long while looking in her mouth with a flashlight, inspecting not only her tongue and palate but her gums and the glistening tissue behind her lips as well.

In some stories, this resulted in the death of thiink patient. As David Kessler in his reviews states “He introduces us to terms such as “diagnosis momentum” — when a diagnosis becomes fixed in the mind of the physician despite incomplete jerone.

Dec 14, Valerie rated it it was amazing. I noticed that his wife, who’s also a doctor, insisted on coming along to some of the visits with doctors to make sure her husband would ask the corrrect questions.

We have all asked ourselves exactly what brought him to propose a certain diagnosis and a particular treatment and to reject the alternatives. So what can the reader do to ensure their doctor considers all the possibilities and comes to the correct diagnosis? Excellent and thoughtful book, but I subtracted one jeromd for a minor problem: Incidentally, that’s about the same rate of accuracy as modern weather forecasting. A few of [the physicians at Philips House] were highly skilled, but several were, at best, marginal in their clinical acumen.

The chapter on radiology and diagnostic imaging was eye opening; a good reminder that even thorough radiologists can miss non-subtle findings on films, and the clinician will get more information if she provides a more detailed patient history.