The Art of War [Baron Antoine-Henri De Jomini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Antoine-Henri Jomini was the most celebrated writer on the Napoleonic art of war. Jomini was This is a ~15 page “summary” of the book. Jomini and his Summary of the art of war;. Main Author: Jomini, Antoine Henri, baron de, Related Subjects: Military art and science. Physical. The translators of Jomini’s Summary of the Principles of the Art of War have . Jomini’s Art of War offered a simple, practical guidebook for using troops in.

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Apart from love of his own country, the desire to study, to teach and to practise the art of war was his ruling motive. It must be observed, in Jomini’s defense, that he had for years held a dormant commission in the Russian army and that he had declined to take part in the invasion of Russia in Under these circumstances, I was assured by my own experience, that there was wanting, to my first treatise, a collection of maxims like that which preceded the work of the Arch Duke; which induced me to publish, inthe first sketch of this analytical compendium, jominu to it two interesting articles upon the military policy of States.

I fell back then, upon jimini of military history in order to seek, in the combinations oc the great captains, a solution which those systems of the writers did not give me.

Throw the army successively upon decisive points Maneuver to engage fractions with bulks Tactically, mass against decisive points Do this at the proper time and with the proper energy Strategy: Jomini feels that politics end when war begins.

A more scientific approach to war.

Book review: The Art of War

Jomini is generally seen as Clausewitz’s most jonini competitor as a military theorist. The books all gave but fragments of systems, born of imagination of their authors, and containing ordinarily details the most minute not to say the most puerile upon the ot accessory points of tactics, the only part of war, perhaps, which it is possible to subject to fixed rules. Jomini, while agreeing with Clausewitz that during the campaign in Russia Napoleon did everything he could to protect his rear and his flanks, disagrees with Clausewitz’s conclusion that Russia was an impossible country for an army to conquer, attributing the campaign’s failure simply to the magnitude of wartime preparation.

Mendell and Lieutenant W. Already had the narratives of Oc the Great commenced to initiate me in the secret which had caused him to gain the miraculous victory of Leuthen Lissa.


He dealt at length with a number of practical subjects logistics, seapower that Clausewitz had largely ignored. Inhe was with Tsar Alexander in Paris, and attempted in vain to save the life of his old commander Ney.

He died at Passy only a th before the Franco-Prussian War of — The remaining notes are from the original. Elements of his discussion his remarks on Great Britain and seapower, for instance, and his sycophantic treatment of Austria’s Archduke Charles are clearly aimed at protecting his political position or expanding his readership.

Maybe they have a place after the decisive events. Major General Henry W. Purely military history has furnished, in France as in Germany, writings so numerous sincethat their nomenclature alone would form a pamphlet. Thielke and Faesch published in Saxony, the one, fragments upon castramentation, the attack of camps and positions, the other a collection of maxims upon the accessory parts of the operations of war.

Purely military history is of a thankless and difficult kind, for, in order to be useful to jomnii of the art, it requires details not less dry than minute, but necessary in order to cause positions and movements to be judged accurately.

Neither Clausewitz not Jomini were given many responsibilities by the Russians, but they were both in a position to observe key battles. FeuquiPres and Lloyd had indicated the road without having had many imitators until the Revolution.

Great military have always been intuitively able to discern the unchanging patterns of warfare. Retrieved from ” http: In a journal with which, unfortunately, I was not acquainted until six summray after its publication, srt latter has believed it his duty to attack me and my works, because I had said, on the faith of an illustrious general, that the Prussians had reproached him with having copied, in his last pamphlet, the unpublished instructions of the government to its generals of cavalry.

Jomini and his Summary of the art of war; a condensed version edited, and with an introduction

Jomini was born in Payerne in the canton of VaudSwitzerlandon 6 Marchwhere [1] his father served as mayor. I resolved then upon this last plan, which appeared moreover, more suitable to all classes of readers. But, I ought equally to avow without circumlocution, that twenty years of experience have but fortified me in the following convictions:. By continuing to visit this site, you agree to the use of cookies for statistical purposes.

But nothing of all this gave a satisfactory idea of the elevated branches of the science.


Winship and Lieutenant E. This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat He returned to Brussels upon the conclusion of peace in Jomini served in the campaign, serving on Ney’s staff. All those who love history will still find The Art of War fascinating. The Art of War Context: Finally even Mirabeau who, having returned tje Berlin, published an enormous volume upon the Prussian tactics, an arid repetition of the regulation for platoon and line evolutions to which some had the simplicity to attribute the greater part of the successes of Frederick!

However, when war between France and Russia broke out, he was in a difficult position, which he summary with by taking a noncombat command on the line of communication. My first essay was a didactic treatise upon the orders of battle, strategic marches and lines jomihi operations; it was arid from its nature and quite interspersed with historical citations which, grouped by species, had the inconvenience of presenting together, in the same chapter, events often separated by a whole century; Lloyd especially convinced me that the critical and argumentative relation of the whole of a war had the advantage of preserving connection and unity in the recital and in the events, without detriment to the exposition of maxims, since a series of ten campaigns is amply sufficient for presenting the application of all the possible maxims of war.

Retrieved from ” https: Henceforth good books will not be wanting to those who shall wish to study, for at this day we have principles, whereas, they had in the 18th century only methods and systems.

Once he left Napoleon’s service, he maintained himself and his reputation primarily through prose. Graihill inwas edited by J.

One cannot deny to General Clausewitz great learning and a facile pe; but this pen, at times a little vagrant, is above all too pretentious for a didactic discussion, the simplicity and clearness of hte ought to be its first merit. This mode suited me all the better, dar I was but twenty-four years old and had but little experience, whilst I was about to attack many prejudices and great reputations somewhat usurped, so that there was necessary to me the powerful support of the events which I should allow to speak, as it were, for themselves.