The Spaceships of Ezekiel has 67 ratings and 12 reviews. Jennifer said: This book suffers from an audience problem. To whit, it will be of interest prima. Authors that have alleged the ancient aliens explanation of the book include Joseph Blumrich, who wrote The Spaceships of Ezekiel. Listen to The Spaceships of Ezekiel Audiobook by Joseph Blumrich, narrated by Johnnie C. Hayes.

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Although he wrote about the book of Ezekiel, Blumrich did not know Hebrew, was not a biblical scholar, had no background in theology, religion, history, archaeology, the Middle East, textual criticism or hermeneuticstextual interpretation.

Clearly that is not the form of Jesus that was seen crucified on Calvary In earlier years, he developed the structural design of the Saturn V booster and participated in the design of Skylab.

The greenish-bluish color of the wheels suggests a protective film or coating. Blumrich has patented an “omnidirectional wheel” [4] which he claims was based on the description in the Book of Ezekiel.

Ezekiel doesn’t see the wheels until they are actually deployed in verse fifteen.

Another one of my grandfather’s books that came into my collection. Didi rated it really liked it Mar 07, New York, no date. Again, great job on the renderings. However, they almost all cluster around certain dates and for the most part are a single article by the Associated Press wire service announcing his then upcoming book, e. Major and Minor Prophets: Here it is only natural that our fledgling knowledge concerning space flight emerges as a contributor of prime significance.

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About Josef F. Blumrich

So if he says he saw a man, then it was a man even if joseoh man doesn’t hail from earth. These wheels look like they are obeying orders. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat Eagle would be a pointed wedge shape, bull would be a square shape with a pair of vertical hinges on each side exhaust vent? I think this was a nicely laid out nlumrich in the way it detailed our “current” aircrafts in the NASA program and compared them to Ezekiel’s descriptions of the beings that visited him so many years ago.

We want to believe they described spaceships. Originally posted by geobro maybe ezekiel was smoking something. Here are the optical light effects of the translucent cabachon-shaped command module sitting atop the main body of the spacecraft.

If you’d like to explore the bluumrich further, I’d definitely recommend finding Blumrich’s book so you can read all his conclusions firsthand.

The Spaceships of Ezekiel (Revisited)

From the first crude calculation to the final detailed analysis, the results left no doubt of the vehicles feasibility: The prophet describes the light effects of the commander’s flight suit which, in Blumrich’s opinion, are reminiscent of the light effects caused by the reflecting surfaces of certain insulation materials used in the Apollo lunar module.

The illustration above shows the shape and proportions. To ask other readers questions about The Spaceships of Ezekielplease noseph up.

However, there are two big holes in Blumrich’s theory. According to Blumrich, the whole chapter was a detailed description of an encounter with an UFO.

In other words, he thought von Daniken was full of it and was going to set out to prove it scientifically.


Ezekiel’s wheel

He decided the technology of the builders must have been somewhat higher than mankind’s at the present, and added he had seldom felt as delighted, satisfied, and fascinated by being proven wrong. This page was last modified on 20 Mayat Enoch was taken by spacecraft and flown around the world, then taken up into space and shown the sun, moon, stars, the earth, their orbits, the seasons, etc.

After having thoroughly investigated the thing, though, not only did he conclude that Ezekiel had, in fact, seen a spacecraft, but he even went to fabricate detailed drawings of the purported construction, which is, as he judges, a modest little bit beyond the present technology of us, ourselves.

Badger rated blumrrich it was amazing Dec 08, This refers to remote-controlled mechanical arms hanging along side the cylindrical helicopter bodies. A particularly gratifying application of this interpretation, incidentally, would be to facilitate considerably the mobility of wheelchairs for the physically handicapped. Our son, Christoph, mentioned that he had just read a fascinating blumrixh about visits from outer space.

Pages to import images to Wikidata CS1 errors: This should not surprise anyone, as Mr. After establishing the general configuration of the spaceship, I made an analytical investigation; although the configuration appeared to be structurally and functionally sound, its feasibility could be proved only if weights, dimensions, performance and other basic characteristics turned out to be within reasonable limits.