Bibliografia[edytuj | edytuj kod]. Ryszard Kulesza: Wojna peloponeska. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Attyka, ISBN Kulesza R., Ateny – Sparta – p.n.e., Warszawa Kulesza R., Wojna peloponeska, Warszawa Hammond N.G.L., Dzieje Grecji, Warszawa . W wojnach perskich na początku V w. p.n.e. Sparta (miasto o pow. ha i 8 Ryszard Kulesza, “Wojna peloponeska”, Wydawnictwo Attyka, Warszawa

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Wojny macedonskie Krzysztof Keciek. His reforms prevented a direct clash between the people and the oligarchy, which gained a strong position after the reforms of Solon and saved the aristocracy from the distribution of their land. Wojny napoleonskie Rafal Malowiecki.

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The contradictions of this system are visible also in the functioning of the people’s courts. Filter your search Filter by categories.

Figury i maski w praktykach ideologicznych. Filter your search Keyword.

Bitwa pod Olpe – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Wojna peloponeska Ryszard Kulesza. Helena Modrzejewska Emil Orzechowski. The latter tried also to use democratic institutions for their own good. Kampania zwaniecka roku Marek Wagner. C Cleisthenes introduced popular vote, it by no means aimed at contradicting conflicts dividing the society of that time, but was about ending them in a peaceful way and finding rules for solving social problems that would be acceptable for the majority of citizens.


Politicians’ remuneration was varied with regard to different political figures and office holders and in different periods and corruption was a structural element of Athenian democracy. Madame Modjeska, Countess Bozenta.

Bitwa pod Mantineją (418 p.n.e.)

Zaglada wystepnej Sodomy Krzysztof Keciek. Emisariusz Wolnej Polski Wojciech Frazik. Krople milosci Anna Kessler. The struggle between demos and the aristocracy and oligarchy took place throughout the whole lifetime of the democracy and influenced its defeat. Powstancza Starowka Juliusz Kulesza. Struktura, zasady i ideologia.

Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Demokracja w Grecji klasycznej. Dzieje Kartaginczykow Krzysztof Keciek. Jozef Kuras “Ogien” Maciej Korkuac.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Jeden z mozliwych swiatow Marcin Dolecki. Contrary to the popular idea of the functioning of Athenian democracy, the majority of officeholders were selected by lot and nor elected.

Starozytnosc wykleta Krzysztof Keciek.

Sparta (polis)

Availability All In stock 2. The relationship between democracy and social struggle is still an issue of considerable controversy. Contemporary advocates of the democratic system often refer to the Athenian democracy functioning in pelopoheska times. However, one of the main reasons determining its development was an interest in the use of demos the people in the fight between the competing social groups of the aristocracy and oligarchy and of the participation of demos kluesza wars waged.

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When in B. Format All Paperback Hardback. Krakow Danuta Glondys.