Barry Birkey has provided these plans of a Frame Langstroth bee hive. Download Frame Langstroth Bee Hive Plans in PDF format – inches. Frame Langstroth Beehive: Building a beehive and keeping bees has always been an interest of mine. Bee’s help plants develop and thrive. They also. In Canada, the Langstroth movable-frame hive has been adopted as the hive hive design provides simplicity of construction and ease of manipulation.

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A fully-laden 10 frame deep box can weigh around 80 lbs! So if you are looking for an exact replica of the Warre hive, now is your opportunity to build your own. Two deep or three medium supers are recommended as the best brood-rearing space.

Wooden Components of a Modern Bee Hive

This is where you can find research-based information from America’s land-grant universities enabled by eXtension. That is what I want—simple.

If your in a dry climate then they will last even longer, plenty of time to improve your wood working skill, financial situation or perhaps find a great deal on used wooden ware. Beekeepers have a knack for naming things!

Before we begin with the plans collection, let’s learn the difference between each of them so you know which one to build. This is actually a really cool feature because so many woods now days contain pesticides. These are just regular old plans befhive build a Top Bar Beehive.

Brood, honey, pollen, propolis and, of course, bees are all housed inside one or more boxes. The more feedback you give us, the better our pages can be.


This more modern Langstroth type design, has an extremely shallow stand that is intended to rest on the ground, which in turn would render the woodwork somewhat damp, but the floor bottom board is solid and unventilated, which both makes the dampness worse and does not allow a substantial drop for fallen varroa mites.

For those of you who wish to use the 10 fame beehive, here are the plans for the boxes. To completed hive can optionally be fitted with a piece of PVC pipe to allow easy mounting on a star picket.

10-Frame Langstroth Beehive – Barry Birkey

So if you are a fan of the Warre hive then this site could help you find the perfect style. With that, though, comes weight, as discussed above. As to the choice of depth and with the reminder that shallow, medium and deep boxes can be mixed within a single hive, deep boxes are often used for brood and not honey. I really like this article and the plans it brings with it. You will also get a recipe for an eco-friendly wood preservative.

The FREE plans are saved through out the article along with a write up on how to. I actually really like them.

Frame Langstroth Beehive – Barry Birkey | Beesource Beekeeping

A grid of either metal or plastic is placed on top of the uppermost box in which the queen is to be allowed to roam. Good luck everyone with your beekeeping. These hives allow you to only disturb certain portions of the hive at a time. They use mud to fill spots in their holes to lay eggs within the nest. Some of the information for the following table has come from Nick Wallingford’s website. This means a head start for a stronger hive come spring. The plans break down each section so even those that are newest to beekeeping and carpentry work could probably figure out how to build these hives without much fuss.


So they seem like a great fit for those that are new to the beekeeping scene. Happy Beekeeping and remember to have fun, its a great little hobby. Skinner, Parkman, Studer, and Williams. How Honey is Made: Many beekeepers use cement blocks or some other sturdy, but readily available, materials. They are easy enough to get into and the bees seem to be very happy inside of them. This beehive is designed around the standard langstroth 8 frame.

A Detailed Look at The Langstroth Beehive – PerfectBee

In the links I also provide plans for a 10 frame beehive, as well as lids and plywood sheet cut lists. They literally cut out the center of logs and stack them on top of each other. This, in turn, makes for happier bees.

A nail angled down may pull out and result in dropping the whole box while carrying 80 lbs of honey and frames. Another name for a skid is a pallet. Someone created the beehive cocoon.