Some few Luhya Proverbs you did not know. 1. Anavulekwa yirha imbongo. 2. Chenda kalaa yola mumbo. 3. Buli akhashere nobufira bwakho 4. Abachesi babili. Popular luhya proverbs and sayings from mulembe nation with titbits and stories that unraveal their meaning. Maragoli proverbs, Bukusu proverbs, Idakho. It’s not often that one can link African oral literature with the modern science of epidemiology. Such an intricate exercise. Continue reading · Luhya Culture.

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It is said that by doing so, you are throwing your luck of getting wealthy out. The end of something determines a lot because proverb you joke with the end it spoils everything. Linda linda, yalia nabacheni The one who kept waiting when food was at table, ate with visitors The traveller does not put the question straight but metaphorically.

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Other than being beautiful, if you marry from the western part of Luhga, particularly from the Luhya tribe, rest assured that they will not leave you during both thin and thick moments of your life. Pop culture has its subcultures.

Hence it is considered anti social for an inferior person to stand on the right hand side of a strong fellow because that is deemed as wanting to take his strength away. You are commenting using your Twitter account. It is taboo to kill a python evaka among the Maragoli while the Wanga may not kill a bushbuck as it is considered sacred and a tribal totem.

The Luhya tribe, like any other community in Kenya, has common names. In the approximate order of prroverbs gravity such offences are: If an owl elikuli cries near a homestead, this is a sign that someone from that home will soon die.


It also means that whatever you have done it different is provsrbs matter of time because anybody else will be there and you might hate yourself when you compare what you have and what another person who come after you has. Ljhya other one replies: A messenger cannot be beaten. Apart from these presages which happen by chance, people also believe in lucky or unlucky events and objects over which they can partly or fully control.

If a husband points his buttocks at his wife while they are quarrelling. Place of Y you use G. The devil turns against its friend.

Luhya Proverbs and Sayings | MULEMBE NATION

According to Wiktionary, the lubya of Luhya nouns does not look at all the dialects from Luhya sub-nations or the A Bantu language. It is used to discourage laziness with excuse that God will do for you all you need while seated. This proverb is used to warn those who like criticizing everything that they end up losing everything and cannot do something constructive because they want to be perfectionists. The luhya like chicken so much might think it is perfect but they eat dirty staffs.

If one hears a big fox called ekivwi crying, this means that someone important in the tribe or clan is about to die. Tags luhya ethnic group.

Proverbs & Sayings – Luhya – Wakenya Canada

They come from the larger Bantu tribe settled in the fertile agricultural region of Western Kenya. Nandakambilwa kakona khumwanda kwenjoli — English?

Sneezing is generally considered a bad omen and if a person sneezes repeatedly before taking up an important assignment, he puts it off for some time if prooverbs. Hurry hurry has no blessings.

Although regarded traditional, the trending Luhya songs sung by modern artists or musicians seldom match the old-fashioned ones in terms of meaning and content. There is a proverb which runs: If a woman has borne twins, the ashes of the fire on which her first meal was cooked after delivery are dangerous. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Okania kevilila, oswala niye okhevilila ta- bukusu Nancy Mukasia said: Rosemary, thank you luhyya adding two more proverbs.


To do so before circumcision is quite normal but afterwards it is a sign of having fallen luswa If a woman climbs on the roof of the hut this is interpreted as her desire to kill he proevrbs All forms of ritually prohibited and incestuous sexual intercourse are regarded as manifestations of luswa.

OR omunyuu kwolekaa nikwooo kworonga- the stew that you despise is what saves you. They must therefore stop working and go home for the day.

Admittedly, simply, in the 21st century the better part of our ways can’t continue to be alive vide word of mouth or by just another blog post. There is a lot we have, can and will mourn about the erosion of Mulembe nation’s ever giving body of folklore. Among the Bukusu, if one comes progerbs certain ants called nafusithis is taken to mean one will receive good hospitality if he is visiting or something pleasant is in store for him.

Out of these Luhya sub-communities, the Maragoli Avalogooli and the Bukusu Babukusu form the largest in population size. Taboos associated with pottery among Babukusu: But, the difference is in speed and just a few words. Closer home to their current domicile of the lands at the foot of Mt.